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  • trader_v03 trader_v03 Mar 24, 2014 9:36 PM Flag


    how can I get a hold of you?

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    • I do not post things that would get myself into trouble without some precautions

    • simple answer you cannot
      I made this fake account to post with anomaly

      yahoo mail servers are pretty weak security wise.
      that is why this is a fake account

    • I think you know enough about me now to make a judgement of what I will say to your questions.
      I have tried to say this in multiple boards already in hopes of others implementing my ideas

      but so far nothing.
      some ideas were implemented at least.
      I am glad 10 years ago tablet idea took off finally

      it is now near 50 bucks and almost everyone has one now
      this is the power of real capitalism not fake where prices of homes go up with increased production.

      if we had real productivity gains prices would be coming down not up. Problem = manipulation by
      governments to keep necessary goods sky high

      this is the sole reason why investing in necessary goods = the correct investment mantra.
      wall street cannot short those stocks less risk but less gain. you will gain a bit more than true inflation rates over time but beats inflation at least.

      find true producers. invest in your own specified industry if you need investment advice. do not be like oopsie all over the place and knowing nothing about what they invest.

      I was pretty much spot on about retails though it was pretty easy to see the economy totally stinks.

      you have to visit website that deals in consumers and see their morale and such to see if things are good.
      I frequent a few because I like to lower my costs and know the true costs of many goods in the retail space.

      so Marketing does not work on me very well or at all.
      maybe if they anger me to induce a certain response.

      I am disappointed with stock traders in general. especially those on any message boards
      but no one here cares about anything besides making money it seems so what ever.

      I can determine most of them in the economic arena are pretty bad people now.
      what they wish for is not capitalism but

      fascism basically communism to benefit themselves

    • you can get relatively cheap land without crime or any real resources in the middle of nowhere for less than 10k even.

      the problem is rich people cannot do anything with it.
      luckily. so we can get them for cheap.

      I just stay in the urban area because of the job prospects being better else I would move there to save on cash better bang per buck. some parts have nicer folk than cities really.

      I am kinda meshed with the southern and northern.
      I like southerns way of doing everything yourself
      and more northern side of automation

      really though the current property bubble is a scam.
      no one really can afford those homes.

      I already said to people let the rich have it they cannot live in all of them or protect them all. eventually gangs will over run the place an destroy them if they do not fill them up with good and decent people.
      do not even rent from them.

      if they over charge for rent live in a car until you can actually find a place.
      gym for baths
      laundromat for clothes
      use electric microwave/stove to cook.
      bed = car.

      also hide from police arresting you for living in your own property.

      tiny houses are getting pretty popular
      container homes as well.
      but the problem is government seems to be restricting people from building them.

      container homes can be built with less than 20-30k btw.
      tiny homes can be built with 10k or so as well.

      the current issue is GOVT is IN THE WAY OF INNOVATION.
      because they cannot profit/tax much from these small homes.

      solution is to make them/elites and rich realize that they will get nothing then if they do not accept it.

      money does not drive innovation or wealth.
      but the fact is people producing drives innovation and wealth
      not the other way around.

    • also even though I have a CS background I started off in economics. But found it boring because it was too easy and useless information which I should have already known. it is mostly common sense. But I know for a fact this market is essentially defying logic. Everyone knows it. But I also took psychology before and know that the market makers are controlling the market.

      so if you want to play this market you will just have to read the minds of these market manipulators.
      so far I think I have a 60-70% success rate but everything is correct except the silver market I already know why. but I cannot leave silver alone somehow.

      my gut and feeling tells me at least keep some money in it and to stay to the end no matter what.

      other things:
      ps I hardly use facebook I only have accounts for either lurking or getting promotions/discounts then delete data.

      I usually use fake accounts that 2-3 billion users = fake: real users are likely in the 500 million-1 billion range or divide it by a factor of 3.

      also luckily I have adblocker so I do not see any stupid ads.
      I would suggest installing the extension: the way it is used

      = hosts
      file under

      I suggest using them to deny facebook of revenue.
      google can still make revenue if you use their search so it is much less relevant for blocking google if somehow you have something against them.

      I just do not like facebook because the founder stole from his friends and when he was a hacker as well he now trolls hackers.

      almost all innovators were essentially hackers btw
      the engineer from apple Steve Wazniak was a hacker as well.

      also I already said to invest in LIVING skills.
      learn to do things yourself efficiently. do not rely on idiots to do everything.

      you really do not need a whole lot of money to live and enjoy life anyway.

      just need a place to live.
      a decent home without all the government fees would cost about 50k to build.

    • I try not to leave a trail online and lurk to absorb information.
      I usually only post when forced to by trolls.

      I actually only started posting a few years ago as I was mostly observing people and absorbing information but some idiots keep on #$%$ me off and were giving bad information, and I was more or less forced to act.

      IMO the best leaders are also ones whom do not want the position of leadership but because of the circumstances they are forced into these positions.

      and usually those that want the leadership positions are usually the worst leaders where they want to abuse power.

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      • "...the best leaders are also ones whom do not want the position of leadership but because of the circumstances they are forced into these positions..."

        Alas, why would you heap these cares on me?
        I am unfit for state and majesty;
        I do beseech you take it not amiss,
        I cannot nor I will not yield to you.

        Would you enforce me to a world of care?
        Well, call them again. I am not made of stone,
        But penetrable to your kind entreats,
        Albeit against my conscience and my soul.

        Oh you sage, grave men,
        Since you will buckle fortune on my back
        To bear her burden, whether I will or no,
        I must have patience to endure the load:
        But if black scandal or foul-faced reproach
        Attend the sequel of your imposition,
        Your mere enforcement shall acquittance me
        From all the impure blots and stains thereof;
        For God he knows, and you may partly see,

    • I do not give out my real email address online I am sorry.

      I am a Computer Science major
      btw if you were wondering.

      which is why I know much more than
      most on technology here. especially compared to some people whom say to invest in this or that.
      Also right now I am somewhat busy as well.
      I am trying to learn a few new things so I do not have too much time to spend debating people here I do not work on these boards for a living after all I hate yahoo mb as well.

      remember oopsie now ddd is collapsing to a small extent. 3d printing.

      I already said the innovation is being made in the hacking space of course. large companies are buying up the innovators hoping to capture them but the innovation is with the developers and engineers not the company themselves.

      maybe they can steal the patents for a while to stop innovation but eventually time will come when that will not work.

      for silver:
      as for svm. look at the whole market today isn't it just amazing?
      maybe they finally realize the silver mining space is dead until silver actually goes up.

      but it is pretty much svm being one of the last ones standing at this point as far as which ones may actually survive the carnage

      I said this may happen as well which was why I said to the miner companies to put in a silver deliverable dividend policy but not one of these miners wanted to listen.

      so I give up persuading real investors as they don't actually want to hold the metal.

      if you were wondering:
      I'll just keep stacking silver/gold away on my own time.
      ps: my portfolio of stocks is the ultra conservative: play

      necessary goods: 50% of my portfolio


      wall street cannot short those without destroying and killing people off.
      because people will starve

      20% is currently physical gold + silver

      my more risk prone to economics play
      of course has
      gold/silver stocks
      tech stocks etc
      10% =cash

      later on I plan to get some land as well and have an automation system I build myself.
      if I can get past gov