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  • old_huppup old_huppup Mar 28, 2009 1:40 PM Flag

    FedEx Employees I'm Studying Your Corp. & Have Questions


    Been looking into FDX as an investment. I've spent the better part of the morning watching videos on your CEO & Founder Fred Smith, i've also went to your website.

    I'm sure you've heard that Fed Ex has won the #1 rating for 'The Most Admired Company' this year in your industry. Congratulations to all of you.

    My question is at about 4:10 seconds left in this video Fred Smith mentions the 'Purple Promise' at your corporation. I'd like to know from any employee at FedEx, whether they're hourly or salary from Express to Freight what exactly the 'Purple Promise' means to you at Fed Ex?

    I also wondered in your opinion why you think FDX is a buy? I'd like to get Fed Ex's employees responses and will check back often.

    Thank you,


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    • Chuck, You sound like one Helluva an employee! If you ever feel like tossing up drywall for a living give me a call, and yeah, you gave me some good feedback to chew on. Like Jim Cramer says...(whether you like him or not)...sometimes the best source of information you can attain on a stock is right inside the company's msg brd.

      My mind is dizzy from doing my D.D. on the company. I just got back from & trying to get a bead on the top-rated tracked shopping sites.

      I can't say for sure when i'm diving into this stock, but you guys are winning me over man! I'm feeling really good about this one you're in... however, when I announce the day where I jumped both feet might want to wait to buy (if you're looking to buy more). Usually the stocks I select dive about 6% in the 2-weeks after I purchase.


      I'm going outside before my eyes pop from staring at this screen!

      Take Care!

    • Courier is what I do, a team leader is just what it employee who takes charge of a team..could be a team of handlers that work the belly of an aircraft or those that clear the paperwork for international pkgs. The postion is not management, ie supervisor.
      GFT is a process that begins with an open door discussion with your bosses boss.If the issue isnt resolved the next step is an actual discussion with the district director and personel dept. The third step is with the regional VP.
      The process works. One just has to remember that you have to your ducks in a row so to speak, present facts not opinion. You just cant say "Because" without be able to back it up. I had one once involving a young driver and an accident. Using Simple algebra and facts from the insurance industry I was able to show that the young driver was way over resonable speed for making a turn due to lack of experience behind the wheel of the car. I "won" that one and the accident was withdrawn from safety file and reclassified as non-preventable.
      In florida,(I have worked in 3 differents areas of the country) we had a guy who was constantly late to work, instead of firing a great employee (which he was..just not a morning person), thru the GFT process a solution was found..he went to second shift. The company kept a good employee, didnt have to train a replacement (saved a few bucks there) and the employee was happy he didnt have to get up early.
      Hope this gives you an idea of the core beliefs of the company and why I think its a great investment.

    • "PURPLE PROMISE" isn't that where they USED to share profits with the workers in the form of checks to keep them from thinking about going UNION?

      For those of you hard working folks who work your butts off for substandard wages and pitiful benefits and no job security rest assured YOUR CHECK IS NOT IN THE MAIL.

    • "I will make every FedEx experience outstanding" is what Fred Smith said on the video. If you were a customer, what would it take for you to consider your experience outstanding? If that's what you would expect, that's what the employees should be prepared to deliver.

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      • Well lets say you go to pick up a package and your not ready..I could say..sorry but you lose..but I wont..what I will say is this.. I'll be back but your gonna have to be here later than you wanted or at such an such time I will be 3 blocks down the road you can meet me there with your package.
        Now I just made it a positive thing by giving you other options rather than saying you said between this time and this time but you wernt ready.


    • sbrown38132000 Mar 29, 2009 11:33 AM Flag

      Here is my take,I've been with Fedex for 25 yr'.The Purple promise means that Fedex promises to get the pkg delivered on time.We want every transaction to be a good experience with which ever Fedex co they used.Like the one guy said it should only go up from here.We have the largest fleet of planes of any Cargo co.We have about 670 some planes UPs has a little under 300 planes.As far as the guy who said he will never be able to retired I don't know he might not have stared early enough saving but who's 401 k has'nt been hammered.If the unions ever got in which lord help us if they do they will try to ruin a great company.All they can make are empty promises.We are one of the most admired and almost always in top 100 of places to work and that is because we don't have a union.Long term it's a buy short term ther are some things against us like the ground drivers lawsuit and this bogus law where teamsters and UPS are trying to get Fedex express taking out from under the RLA and put under NLRB which makes it easier to unionize.I understand why Teamsters are doing because they need membership,But UPS i don't, they are afraid of good old fashion competition and are trying to get the biggest kid on the block to fight the fight for them (the goverment). Long term it's a buy.i could go on but my fingers are tired.

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      • I studied UPS and had a family member invest in them. I don't know how long they will hold UPS. So far they're up a little from my recommendation (who knows tomorrow though). I don't own any UPS or FDX stock, I work rentovating property with my brother and we've got a little money coming from my dad's estate. I've been debating on a new Ford F-150 or taking advantage of these beaten down stocks. I have a little online account, but I know what those here are saying about their 401(k) acounts. I had a friend tell me they had $125,000 in the summer and by Christmas it was down to $37,000. **GEEEEEEEEZ**

      • That multi-million lawsuit from the Ground contractors is already baked into the balance sheet is it not? Meaning already paid out.

    • Hup,
      Be careful what you read on this board. Union imposters mainly from the Teamsters and UPS constantly post messages using various id's to slam FedEx. Some are even unaware that their vulgar messages can't be traced. They claim that they work here and that the benefits don't match theirs,yada,yada,yada. Despite the ailing economy, FedEx is making every effort to provide the usual great service for our customers while positioning itself for the economic recovery and increased returns for our investors. Do some additional research and you'll find that in poll after poll FedEx is tops in every category ranging from customer satisfaction, employee relations, race relations, I could go on and on.

    • I will never own another trucking stock. They are too much like the airlines. When our stock went over $118 everyone figured it would split and that Fedex being the strong company that they were at that time the stock would rise again and the employees might make a little from all their hard work. Well, it took a nose dive long before the rest of the market did and now what few are still hanging on to their stock are waiting for the day they can unload it at a decent price. The purple promise doesn't mean jack to me. It's a play on words if you want to know. Its all about taking care of the customer to a certain extent and to heck with the employees that bust their butt everyday to make it happen. I would invest my money in something like EGN would probably provide a better investment in the long run. I have been with Fedex for over 15yrs and more than likely will never be able to retire.

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