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  • handysteve01 handysteve01 Sep 11, 2011 10:54 PM Flag

    Get ready for stagflation in USA

    Many of you under 45 have no idea what this is. People who lived in 1970's do- but this time, America does not have the millions of inductrial/manufacturing blue collar living wage paying jobs we had back then to work hard and dig ourselves through....

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    • I agree. There are jobs out there but they don't pay very good. I have a client that has staff in their shipping dept. with college degrees making $9 an hour. One told me he has 50k in student loans. I have never seen it this bad and I have been around a long time....

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      • And I agree with all posts on this thread so far. Seems like we are evolving into a situation where there are two types of jobs: many that pay near minimum wage, a few that pay $100K+ per year, and not much in between.
        Meanwhile I can't decide if this is an opportunity to add more FedEx.

      • What is sad, is that elements exist out there further depressing wages like here in NC, many companies still willfully using Illegal Mexicans at fraction of federal wage rates and such, and it is forcing wages for legal citizens to stop appreciating and/or fall lower. Right now, sadly, we offered $12.00/hour to a highly skilled guy and that was all we could offer to still do the same work/business we had to clear a profit because we are battling elements on an uneven field that are udnermining our proposals and costs and what we are able to pay an employee. It has NEVER been like this in my 50+ years of life.

        Just 10 years ago that same $12.00/hour employee today we could have paid $20.00/hour then. This is happening everywhere to legit businesses.

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