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  • mcutrono mcutrono Aug 13, 2012 6:26 PM Flag

    FEDEX has a trick to not laying off its

    Hourly employees. When fedex has to get rid of couriers at a station, They tell the courier that they are displaced. The courier then has 90 days to find a position within the company. Sure there are positions available. Usually they are in another state, or in a station in a crime ridden area where turnover is high. Usually someone wont uproot their whole life and family for a job in kalamazoo, when they were living in los angeles. Fedex has begun displacing couriers over the last month or so. When a courier or other hourly employee cant find work within 90 days they are out of fedex at their own doing. Fedex washes their hands of the employee saying "well, we had opportunities available but they failed to seize it." some people have been taken out of their routes and told that their route is being divided between other routes and that they can go part time (usually 17 hours a week) or see if there's aan opening at another station. If nothing opens up around them or if they don't take a part time route...GONE BY THEIR OWN WILL Nice little loophole fedex has to make themselves look good in the never lay off dept.

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    • That loop hole is in full force now, starting with Veh maint, im told it's off to the handlers, next stop drivers. I know mechanics with families are being told you have until nov 11 to find another position, great job Fred, the unions should be right around the corner. The hope was to rid the old timers but if they say no, well then the displaced paperwrk is still in place for the lowest on the pole. I see 4 electric vehicles sitting for 9 months not being used, at a cost of around 200k, and thats one station, but they can rid the people. Those trucks and what im told are around 35+ in cali never have been used as of today, just sitting in the back of the station, with the spiders and birds, what a frking joke.

    • Well said .

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      • Yeah, I worked here for 4.5 years. They treat their employees like crap. This is a garbage company. If you bought this stock 5 years ago, you'd have about a 0% return to show for and a terrible dividend. Now, you can argue that other transportation stocks didn't fare much better ...but FDX is a duopoly with large barriers to entry and 1 major competitor (DHL) gone and another (USPS) floundering badly. Not only that, but their largest cash-generator (FedEx Ground) basically cheats through the use of IC's which they use to undercut UPS. They overpaid for Kinko's, blew over $1 billion in the Watkins acquisition, dividend is still a joke. AVOID!!!

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    • Curious how this whole subject is presented. I've seen displaced couriers over the years. To say that the possible opening are "usually" in another state or a crime ridden area is a construct of the author. The opening are where the openings are. Until the courier finds a job that he chooses he is used as able and guaranteed the minimum. What happens at Brown? Where I am, at the beginning of the year Brown was cutting 15-17 routes a day; and sending those folks home. (how much were they getting paid?) It is not a trick what they do at FDX. It is what adults have to do to keep the doors open.

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      • Seeing how they are cutting routes at fedex, and displacing couriers there wont be many (if any) jobs ft in the state or company for that matter. At fedex there is a job transfer system called 'jcats'. A courier can look for other employment through that system. As of the last few months there haven't been alot of full time openings. The courier may have to take a part time position. There are couriers who have been with the company for 20 years or so that have their livelihood threatened because of route restructure. And it is not what adults do to keep doors open. Its what corporate greed does to the working man. Fedex makes billions of dollars a year. Express still makes money its not like they are the usps. Its just the owners way of getting a bigger bonus next year just like he did this year. They get away with everything. Misclassification of its express and ground workers so he can keep the unions out. The express driver is an airline worker and the ground driver is an independent contactor so he is not an employee although they are told how to do their job how to dress and have to follow fedex guidelines. All fedex loopholes

    • r those courier out of work during 90 days period do they got paid?

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