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  • tincanman1123 tincanman1123 Apr 2, 2012 4:49 PM Flag


    She is disgusting. if she pays herself more than 50k this year she should be taken out back. Fired and blacklisted from ever working again.


    please check out nbs vs. S&p if you want to see something heartbreaking.

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    • Tin Can....
      I don't know much about who you are or what your interest is in Neostem, but just a few notes..
      If you look at the form 4s , you will note that Robin is not only "BUYING" stock in NBS, but she also takes her salary completely in company stock!!! How many CEOs do you know of that do that?
      Secondly, the market cap is approx $37 Million, her approx 200k (stock) salary is nowhere near 10 % of the company market Cap.
      Thirdly, Robin Smith has taken the helm at a very small $2 million market,one product company, several years ago and has turned it into a well diversified stem cell, cellular therapy, manufacturing, and research company with enormnous potential and a road map for incredible growth in the future.
      A task such as this does not come easy and does not come without the need for "FINANCING" !!!!!
      What is disgraceful, is your ignorant , ill informed and nasty post which has no relevance to anything factual.
      If you don't have the wherewithal, or the risk tolerance for a young, rapidly growing cellular therapy company, I suggest you invest in conservative mutual funds, or that you do not invest at all.

      As for anyone who is interested in facts, future outlook, and realistic guidance.... I will be posting sometime soon my opinions about the future of NeoStem.. You may agree with me or not, but let's agree to keep it honest and professional on this board..

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