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  • kwood1764 kwood1764 Mar 21, 2013 7:02 PM Flag


    I am a volume guy... (as I have said in the past) I study the volume and watch that as a key indicator... that said, not sure what to make of the recent (last three days) volume. The last time we had a 50% decrease in volume twice (meaning 1 million to 500K to 250K) was back in december 19-20-21... it was shortly after (10 days later) that that we had a run up to .70 from .61.....

    Before that it was in August (20-21-22), and it 2 million to 1 million to 200,000.... and shortly (10 days later) it was up 10% to .70 ....

    I can't predict the future, but as a volume watcher I see similar trends as perhaps another move upward is coming. That combined with the 200 Day MA.....

    Anticoll - no need to comment, we know your thoughts. Others welcome

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    • nice observations kwood. thanks for sharing. I especially like your admission of not being one to tell the future.... 'Just a good, honest assessment of a real trend. Though, i haven't studied the volume like you, I predict the same swing is nigh.

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