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  • jim.beemer Aug 16, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    Data Soon -- Good Entry Point

    NeoStem has been dancing around since its reverse split. $7-$7.25 is a good range. Once full enrollment is announced this stock takes off. We are near a company-changing event.

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    • I think a good entry would be after another public offering then buyers can stop worrying about dellusion, I was here when they made a public offering at .5 right after I made my first NBS buy at 6.5 . Later in the week it started going up and I never worried, I'm long for NBS stock.

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      • Edit; I bought my first NBS stock at .65 the day before the public offering at .5 then the next week or next few days I almost broke even and it keep climbing today.
        NBS is a Buy

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      • Dilution seems to be the worry of the minute.

        I haven't seen a credible reason why NeoStem would offer more shares at this time. With $20 million in cash, and a continuing income stream from PCT, they're fully funded at current burn rates well into next year.

        They've already had a stock offering in May of this year. They have nothing going into phase 3, or release to retail before that time. What do you think they would do with the money?

        The majority of NeoStem's principles are compensated with stock. It's in their best interest not to dilute the value. Doesn't it make much better sense to offer additional shares when the price has appreciated to the $10-$15 range?

        NeoStem will no doubt offer more shares. I think they will do so when they can maximize the value, and at a time when they can use the money. That time isn't now, or the immediate future.

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