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  • tycoonowe tycoonowe Nov 7, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Should anyone be interested in facts rather than hyper-babble from schozos with multi personality disorders

    NeoStem has a website with easy access to a thorough presentation of facts for those who favor due diligence over dribble. Six professional stock analyst study and follow this stock closely and all have posted recommendations of buy or strong buy with target prices as high as sixty bucks currently. But do you own DD and your own thinking. As for me, I perceive this to be a tenbaggerplus and am happy to be a fairly large stockholder.

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    • FACT. NBS was selling for $9.60 a share 3 days prior to the announcement of a $7 offering price.
      FACT. The offering price was 37% below the share price at the time.
      FACT. The news was leaked to friend and family members.
      FACT. 3 - 2 and 1 day prior to the $7 announcement investors with the knowledge sold and shorted NBS and made millions upon millions of dollars.
      FACT. Robin , Stevie and the gang will receive millions of dollars in year end bonus's.
      FACT. NBS will issue a new stock offering ( priced at God know how much ) before July 2014
      Non FACT just my gut. NBS will eventually be $16 a share or higher.

    • tycoonowe,

      I believe NeoStem will be a great company in the long-term. It will transform the medical community but in the short-term, it will not do much. Robin Smith is an incredibly bright women and has successfully raised a significant amount of cash for Neostem. However, many investors are not able to sit idly by and watch their investments decreased to half of their original position. Most investors know that Robin Smith and other Neostem members advised those closest to them to dump their existing position in response to the $ 7.00 offering. I have had the opportunity to meet Robin Smith and as I previously reiterated, she is smart, but there is a negative about her and that is her integrity, she has very little.

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      • I disagree entirely. None of the officers of the company sold shares before the drop; none whatsoever. The way life works is that more than likely unvested company personnel were the leakage culprits; perhaps for compensation. We will probably never know for sure; but I am impressed by the fact that owners and officers stay vested in this company up or down; and surely their long term interest coincide with mine.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Agreed. A highly promising biotech like NBS only has to show great promise to send the stock price skyrocketing. Many catalysts in 2014 will do just that.

      • I agree 100%. I used to always look for the silver lining with this company before I woke up. You should not marry a stock and keep it for better or worse. Sometimes you need to face the facts and run don't walk away. This stock is sitting at .63 cents a share pre- reverse split. We will see several new offerings and additional splits in the future if the past is any indication of how this company operates. I know this type of company does these types of things to stay afloat but this is the second time they have offered a new stock offering 30% below the recent closing high with me. It clearly appears people were warned to get out before the new offering was made public. This stock has to go through Phase III trails after it completes Phase II for AMR-001, more cash burn. I know it has other potential catalysts but potential could be just that. I wish everyone the best of luck with this stock and I really hope it reaches its full potential before it takes all your shares and leaves you with a big loss.

      • I don't think we can say that Robin "advised those closest to dump their existing positions" People like Anti"testiclehead" coll and his many other alias' would agree with you though. And of course the fact you've met Robing Smith gives you the inside scoop to spread rumours. Says a lot for your integrity. Doesn't it?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You and I both. Strong cash position and trial progress and results have been strong. Leadership has really transformed the company in the right direction over the last 18 months.

      Sentiment: Buy

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