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  • mrmonkey40 mrmonkey40 Feb 18, 2009 7:29 PM Flag

    Will they ever get a power purchase agreement signed?

    How long, how many years will they keep on trying to get power purchase agreements signed in China before they give up and start selling donuts again?

    WWEI should honor their news release saying they would give the details of the PPA, and that is already weeks overdue!

    Does that mean they failed and wont get a PPA signed?

    I hope the best for this company, but I honestly dont think they will get a PPA signed, or a wind farm built within the next 2 years!

    I hope I'm wrong!

    I always thought it was wierd that China would allow companies from other countries to own and build wind farms in China. I didnt know communist countries allowed that.

    Its interesting to see if it will ever happen!

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    • You spelt democratice wrong.

    • that's my point, pal,, you cant dictate who posts on this board, why dont you bugger off?!

      I am relaxed.

      I'm not the one who is pumping this stock.

      I am going to keep posting on this board until this company gets a PPA signed or goes bankrupt, and you cant do anything about it! Atleast not legally you can't!

      If this company does make progress, then I will talk about it, but all I see is a whole bunch of nothing, so that's what I will talk about.

      KHM, you are the one that thinks this 3.5 cent penny stock is a strong buy, and I disagree with that.

      I dont think this company has much of a chance of ever developing a wind farm!

      I am going to stick around and watch.

      I am not calling you a communist, I dont know if you are, or are not a communist, I dont know.

      I do know you have told me to bugger off, which means you want me to leave this board, which doesnt sound very democratice to me.

      It sounds like you dont want to debate or discuss what this company is doing or failing to do in my opinion.

      I generally dont post my sentiment disclosure, but I will today.

      I think the odds of losing money investing in this company are much greater than the odds of making money at this point.

      I think this company needs to prove it can accomplish its goals before it can be considered a good investment! IMHO

      Like I said before, I think its a good idea to follow this stock and read the news releases every day, and if they ever do get a PPA, then, that might be a time to consider investing.

    • dictate, communist, whoa son!!!
      You want to take a pill or something man. Who you callin a commie? Relax toss the opinions and info when it is available. If you are working this stock then good for you. If you are not then bugger off.

    • you cant dictate who posts on this board.

      That sounds like a chinese communist postition trying to dictate who posts on this board.

      If you dont like someones opinion becasue its dfferent than yours, you want to force them off the board and be quiet, and that sounds communistic, more than democratic.

      I have a lot of sound reasons why I think this company is headed for bankruptcy and/ or a reverse split, starting with the lack of revenue, and lack of ability to make any money.

      I think WWEi is running out of cash, and I dont see how they are going to buy back shares, unless they do it personally, but that wouldnt help the shareholders any, IMHO.

      If you look at the history of this company, it makes you wonder how they think they could ever start a wind farm and make money in a communist country.

      It will be fun to watch.

      It will be fun to see if they ever get anything goin in their canadian projects.

      We should know that this year. I wonder if they have applied for or submitted a bid to hydro quebec for their wind farm proposal in canada?

      They should put out a news release when/if they submit bid to hydro quebec, and another news release, when they get turned down, or accepted.

      That's what other companies do that submit into hydro quebec bid for tenders and many companies with much more experience and money thaan WWEi have been turned down.

      I do remembe some talk about a reverse split last year about the time WWEI paid Jonathon Lebed about a $100,000.00 to promote WWEI.

      The Lebed promotion seemed to hold off the reverse split for a while, but we will see what happens next.

      My guess, is WWEI will hire someone else to promote he comapny and will probably pay them in shares, and if the share price goes up the promoter will sell his shares, Like I think Lebed did.

      I wonder If Jonathon lebed owns any shares, or if he supports this company still?

      If WWEi does get a power purchase agreement signed, it will validate this company, but that's a big IF!!!

    • Yes but and there is always a but; Two years ago the world was a different place. The floods, realistically, put WWEI on hold for the local government for a couple months. The Olympics probably another six weeks. The uncertainty of the economy since June of last year has slowed down almost all projects except oil and gas. China is buying bargains around the world to hedge for the next big drain on commodities. They are going ahead slowly with new stuff. WWEI may be destined to fail, however, it is more than likely just at the bottom of a pile of things that are more important. If the local PPA approval is true and one must accept that or simply get out of the stock and off this board; then this establishes a slow timeline that is somewhat in keeping with the economic malaise, and the size of the projects; not to mention the first time scenario. The same complaints about this process taking too long support the fact that this will happen albeit slowly. Your complaint is basically that the achievements have taken too long, not that there have been no achievements.

    • good answer, I guess.

      I see it diferently.

      I think its more likely to reverse split or go bankrupt before they ever get a PPA completed to a satisfactory result.

      They have been working on this for more than 5 months, its already been almost 2 years, hasnt it, correct me if I am wrong, but I think they have been working on the PPA for almost 2 years, because I stared folling this company a year ago and they were talking about this PPPA, and people were already complaining it was taking too long, if I remember right.IMO

    • Strong buy because it is a new low. The next strong news, short of a final PPA, will spike it up to .05 or .06. Inside buying will spike it up to .04. The final PPA will spike it up to .15 to .20. Then it will drift sideways and down if it takes too long for financing. Any extended period of time between accomplishments until the project is financed and we will be reading all this whining. Even if the financing is started and the project is moving and then there is several months without progress the whining will start again and the price will drop. This is either going to happen or it isn't. I tend to believe it has a better chance of happening than not. It took 5 months to get the local approval. Another 5 months to get the whole deal finanlized would not be out of the ordinary given the lesser size and significance of the deal when compared with all the other stuff happening. APWR took almost a year to put a deal together. They had GE and other entities ten times larger than WWEI and its partners such as YATU. So strong buy. If it is going to happen it is highly unlikely the price will ever be this low again.

    • Local approval sure, but dont call it PPA approval.

      Doesnt that sound misleading.

      They approved the project, the PPA, or both, still doesnt matter, no PPA that I can see yet, correct me if I am wrong.

      I don't know how you see this as a strong buy, I dont see it.

      I think you just want to make money which is fine, we all do, but to say its a strong buy, is almost silly.

      Realistically, I think this company is close to a reverse split.

      I dont see how this company can continue without revenue

    • The PPA is approved they are waiting for construction timeframe to be established with steel company who is building plant next door.

    • You should check your source. I cannot verify anything from the CC because I did not get in. But, click on the user info. All of the screen names are by one person so far tonight, who if you read closely was looking for the number and password, and is probably not in the call. Grege/Grege5 or whoever posts complete BS posts all the time and has many screen names. Maybe you want to retract your statements once you realize you have been played.

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