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  • starcutspin starcutspin Feb 19, 2009 8:28 AM Flag

    Will they ever get a power purchase agreement signed?

    I understand that the status of the PPA is as follows:
    It has been signed off on at the state level, which usually is then given final approval at federal level at which point the prices are set. Therefore, final stamp of approval is still pending. The reason it is still pending, is that a major steel plant, after being in planning for many years, has received project approval to go forward and there are construction access issues with the land that Welwind
    is supposed to occupy. This has to be negotiated with the steel plant before final sign off at the federal level. While the steel plant has complicated Welwinds project timing, the longer view is that it is beneficial because it is a potential customer right next door. This is just my understanding, do your own due diligence.

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    • Sign off a blank sheet of paper,ok that sounds smart, then the federal government can fill in the blanks, genius!

      Communism at its finest!

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      • Local approval is always first, even here. Planning and zoning and then the larger issues. The price per kw is usually commensurate with the going local rate. The larger the gov. sector the later in the approval. That is the same as here or anywhere. It all has to pass by desks. Slow process? Yes. Gonna happen? We will find out.

    • How can the State/local level approve something without knowing the specifics and the prices?

      That sounds stupid. What if the federal level signed off on a PPA that was several pennies per kilowat more than the state would agree too? It doesnt make sense

      How can you sign a blank sheet of paper, and then pass it on to the federal level??

      Maybe that's how communists do business?

      What's the point of state approval, if they dont approve anything, except a general idea, that souncds wierd.

      I think we are missing the whole truth