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  • unkletony22 unkletony22 May 4, 2009 3:42 PM Flag

    Please stop the nonsense...


    Please this scam is over. People tryed to warn others about the Lies and false reportings. This company had to give a press release on sevearl occassions for making false statements that the claim were mistakes???

    Ok facts- the have nothing toi do with Canada.
    They tried to claim that many 10's of millions of dollors in the Canadian program was directed at them. When in fact the enitire canadian operation being funded with that money. This company at one point wanted to be a speck of that investment and at best would have reieved a very, very small amount of funds.
    The did no more then give a proposal!!!! I could give a proposal from my den as well. Their proposal was rejected outright. Then they announced that they could recieve a majority share the Canadian program. That was an outright lie and they used it as their out, and the reason the got out of trying to stay in the canadian program. Of course they were never a part of it. However not only did they mislead people by making false and misleading statements on their site. They continue to make it seem as tho they are somehow a part the Canadian thing. Please remove this from your site!
    Then when the heat was on, the suddenly decided that they were big in China, and in fact in 2007 were supposed to build 2 complexis in China to support all there great projects. UM..when questions were asked, they said that it was secret because the chineese government would not give out any information??? Since then it has been made very clear that this couple have done nothing in that area (as well as any ) area of China. Theres NOTHING! Is this information so secret that even this husband and wife team dont know whats going on? And I would invite anyone to check this companies funds. The not only do not have any funding to build all the things that they keep saying the do, they could not even reopen the bakery that they ran into the ground. They have zero background in this field. And even tho they tried to pretty up there Bios, there is nothing there realated to this industry? In fact can they show us where in there lifetimes they have worked hard enough to raise the money to start any of their many failed compnaies? No of course. They have been handed money by mom and dad and failed again and again. Well it looks like even your parents hard earned money is about to run out. How long can this couple go on with this sham before they are finally imprisoned? Please just shut down the web site. You dont have a location and are working through a mass answering service and using the same address as cose to a humdred other "so called" businesses (including 2 that are directly related to you). So please give it up and get out. The investors in this junk have been scammed and Im sure they are tired of paying for your vacations to NY city and elsewhere. This vacation was recent, we were told it was some part of a alt energy conference. Of course there was none in NYC or the area on those dates. So then they stated that they were meeting with investors and trying to raise funds to keep this thing afloat. Well it ain't floating anymore so just stop and close up shop!

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    • Hey Design, Let's be honest you never made a dime in this stock. That you repeat this foolish mantra about your trading profits recalls MacBeth: methinks thou dost protest too much". And . . . if you happened to get lucky . you will lose it soon for you are a nitwit. It only takes a few minutes reading over your posts to see this. So what we have here is a nitwit who gloats over imagined profits to others who have-unless they are part of the ruse-lost money. This adds a somewhat less enviable character trait to your already pathetic self. Don't you think?

    • I am not sure whether Welwind will succeed, but the effort is sincere. I am convinced of that. I have spoken to Larry, and this is not a scam, period. The chances of this company succeeding are low but this is not a scam. Think about it - they wouldn't dare hold press conferences and so on and self implicate themselves. It's a penny stock, it's a crap shoot, and we will see how it goes.

    • I hear ya. However, my stake I'm sure is not as big as others and my take if I sell is certaintly chump change, so I will wait until either the stock moves to my break even point of .08 (doubtful), the class action law suit (likely), or until the end of the year and write it all off as a huge mistake (likely). And just to be clear I am not in denial, we have been duped.

    • So where's Mr. Monkey? I still feel this deal has a 50/50 chance of happening. If the truth is they have to wait for the larger picture (steel mills and such) to get sorted out then we have to wait. In any event here we are in Las Vegas and it may be a hard eight or maybe just roulette. Strong buy. Why would anyone want to dis this stock now? Are you shorting? Is this just malicious payback for losing tons of money? Are you trying to push it down to pick up more? Cuz time is on our side. Things must be working out with the PPA.

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      • khmdesign, you seem to come up with thing in your mind, and then you think they must be true, after all you thought of it, so it must be true.

        Your logic is messed up IMHO!

        You have chearleaded this stock trying to con people into buying shares with strong buy recomendations, for month after month, as it drops and drops, and yu look dumber and dumber,lol.

        You seem to follow me around to all my penny stocks, and jpin in on those boards. You are a follower, IMO, not a leader.
        I do have to give you credit for being smart enough to follow me around.

        I change my aliases from time to time to keep to morons from getting my good leads,lol