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  • texasbroker2000 texasbroker2000 Nov 6, 2009 12:02 PM Flag

    Thought I'd start a new thread

    I started the thread asking the question does anyone think that $16 is a time to sell. That was my target. I am a commercial real estate broker not a stock broker so the sell target was my personal target where I would get out. I was asking for opinions not making a recommendation. I did post a stated "crazy" target 2 days later as FSP was going up 5-10% per day and forget the fundamentals the momentum was overly positive. You responded a week later after the run up had subsided that I was wrong....good for you told me what I already knew at that point. It's pretty easy to be correct looking in the rear view mirror.

    Yes, I did buy in for a trade after the offering and fortunately when that started moving against me I stopped out well above current levels. I still hold my core position.

    I'll stand by my comment that they are buying early....Have I mis read all of the articles outlining the impending commercial forclosures? Guess so.

    In my humble opinion and I certainly bow to your superior intellignece and market knowledge, I think that many factors have changed in the last 6 weeks

    1) the dilution
    2) institutional selling of FSP....Fidelity is no longer listed as a holder....perhaps this occurred a while back but I've just now realized it.
    3) Management is chasing yield vs fundamental value (Falls Church price was nearly $300 per square foot. No matter what the yield this cannot be considered an opportunistic buy)
    4) concern that the current pay on the dividend is at risk (to clarify I said that "if the dividend is cut further....then it could drop 25%...does that clairfy your odd comment...)

    I've been happy to post my opinions and have somewhat of a tend to get personal and twist what I post so you can exhibit how right you are and how wrong I am.

    So yes my attitude toward FSP has changed and I will use any rebound in the share price to get out....clear enough for you?

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    • I told you to get out at $14 plus and now it's at $10.75. I wasn't looking in the rear view mirror, I was looking forward. At least on this stock, you are correct, I was far more "intelligent" than you to be short, not long at $14. Clear enough for you?

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