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  • some_pain_no_gain some_pain_no_gain Feb 14, 2011 5:12 PM Flag

    revenue $4.24 mm

    Yes they grew 4 percent from one of their lousiest quarters of the past three years, but they still can't even climb back to where they were 2-3 years ago in terms of revenue.

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    • "In addition to our four active marketplaces, we have 20 signed MP365 promoter contracts in hand and other exciting prospect companies are in the pipeline. Several of these existing contracts are expected to launch and become active in the coming weeks and months. Due to the anticipated increases in conferencing, webcasting and DMSP and hosting revenues, as well as our anticipation of the start of meaningful revenues from our MP365 platform, we expect revenue increases to continue throughout 2011."

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      • Yes, things are always going to turn out super if you just wait a little longer.

        "We expect to ship 10 V2 units and supply V2 upgrades to the more than 20 existing installations of the prior version of these appliances (30 total) by the end of the second fiscal 2010 quarter. As a result, we expect iEncode™ sales to increase to more meaningful levels in fiscal 2010, as compared to fiscal 2009." p. 61

        Still zero a year later.

        "The initial version of MP365 will be available for sale by March 2010 and a second more full-featured version will be available for sale by May 2010. We already have several expressions of interest and/or preliminary commitments for MP365 marketplaces from the existing publishers and trade show companies that we have already introduced the product to. We have had very positive feedback from our existing distributors and clients for the initial trial version of this product, and we expect to be able to sign a meaningful number of promoter contracts within the next several months. In December 2009, we announced an agreement with the Tarsus Group plc (“Tarsus”) for them to implement and market MP365 to Tarsus' more than 19,000 trade shows and 2,000 suppliers that are part of their Trade Show News Network, a leading online resource for the trade show, exhibition and event industry. In February 2010, we announced an agreement with the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (“TSEA”) for them to market MP365 to TSEA’s members, vendors and sponsors. Due to the significant revenue potential from a single MP365 sale, which we estimate to be as much as $250,000 per year, we expect this product will have a significant impact on our future revenues." p. 62

        Missed the dates, missed the target of 100 exhibitors per show minimum, no revenue to report yet and Randy said on the last conference call that they were only starting to charge exhibitors so 2Q revenue is also going to be close to nonexistent.

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