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  • becker.bruce32 becker.bruce32 Nov 28, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    February 2013....blackberry 10 and ONSM!!!!

    My brokers drool is turning greener and greener.

    His assistants are selling the drool towels for thousands of real dollars!

    This is the first time I have seen him like this since the inception of Aapl!!

    Omg, bidding start now!

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    • My broker flew back from Paris so he can get to Webcast the conference call and stream it to me and his other clients!

      I would gather Bruce and his broker are doing the same.

      My bids are in, I am long and my broker is so happy.

      Many thanks Bruce.

    • Wow! that quick! Let my menora glow tonight!

      Thanks again for the advise found on this board. Your broker skyped my broker yesterday, hes very smart!

    • Wow! That soon! I usually wait 5-7 years to get a monster return like the one you texted my broker!

      Bids are in, hard to get stock. Sniff, sniff..........smelling Caviar and Cuban cigars!

      Many thanks Bruce, save some drool for my grand-kids!

    • I thought I heard my brokers phone direct line ring last evening!

      When that line calls, it means business.

      Thanks for the update Bruce, I will sell whatever I have to to buy more!

      And good knowing you too!

    • Your broker sounds very sick, may I suggest an UrgentCare facility or the ER.
      Chicken soup also works, just may sure he doesn't choke on the bone !!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • His broker is imaginary - just like his "bids" that he and his aliases are always putting in at lower and lower prices.

        Does anyone have any real news on what is going on with this pathetic outfit? No news this year, looks like marketplace 365 is a marketing scam, stock price keeps falling.

        they hired an ir firm - anyone know what happened to that? What about the tv campaign? That seemed ridiculous given they were being delisted the same month.

        One thing that is strange is the volume is higher than when they were listed on the nasdaq. I'm assuming they are trading it back and forth between their own accounts trying to pretend there is interest in this stock. They try and get a few suckers to bite thinking there is supposed to be deals that never materialize or sales that never go up.

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