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  • gladpick gladpick Nov 24, 2012 2:18 PM Flag


    What is a near TERM catalyst to move this stock?

    Cimzia and Mircera royalties were sold and I suspect manufacturing proceeds, if any, would not amount to much.

    Omontys competetitor has already locked in 2 of the major customers with long term contracts. On top of that the drug supposedly may have CV issues?

    Map's Levadex, approved last week, seems to bring in peanuts based on the low single digit royalty terms signed way back in 2000.

    Naloxagel may be required to run additional phase 3 trials to prove there are no CV issues.

    The only other drug in phase 3 the way I see it is Ciprofloxcine-- trial results due in 2013 or 2014?

    Nktr 102, 170 patient phase 2 extension-- would that be approved without phase 3?? I think unlikely contrary to what klause says.

    NKTR 102, phase 3--NKTR IMHO does not have the funds to pay for it on its own without dilution. Would other pharmas be willing to pay a decent royalty percentage to partner? Hard to know. In the past none wanted to pay and all wated to partner on the cheap based on HR.

    Unless I have missed some pipeline drugs, most other drugs in the pipeline are either in phase 2, phase 1, or preclinical which will take a while for them to amount to anything, if at all.

    So what is the catalyst to move this stock forward in the near term. What I am I missing here? where is the BEEF.

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    • You are missing a lot BAX-855, and Bayers' inhaled Amikacin 061, as for 102 Klaus isn't alone in terms of real shot at aa. Yes they will need PIII studies, but if FDA green lights the AA conditional on PIII that's a STRONG positive. Saying oh you will have to pay for PIII studies is assinine in the context of AA in one of the toughest of cancer indications.

      Everybody is taking SLXP's word on what the FDA is looking for, but what constitutes an adequately powered trial, where were the red flags? I don't think the full data has been laid out for anybody. People who screwed up are inclined to tell half truths to cover their own behinds. How AZN acts in the near term will tell the story, but if the data looks clean in the AZN trials the FDA speculating there MIGHT be a problem based on other compounds would be a HUGE overstepping of their mandate, and bad science. Asking for additional data, or a cautionarly lable maybe, but even then in the absence of a genuine hint of a problem in the data it's hard to justify.

      Also NKTR-181 data should roll in sometime in 2013 a partnership on the scale of 118 is underestimating the potential, but that would be a huge bit of news. If you want certainty sell then come back and pay the HUGE premium. You may not have a filet mignon sitting on the table right in front of you, but it's not unreasonable to look at a field full of big fat cattle knowing full well that's where a lot of future steak dinners will come from.

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