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  • sograteez sograteez Mar 3, 2004 6:33 PM Flag

    These 7 Words bring us to $8 in Q4 '04

    "Your Liver Cancer is in FULL REMISSION" (Mr. Smith!!)

    "...Congratulations, you're going to live!"

    (praise GOD)

    -having the ability to prevent matastisisation by targeting the tumor AS WELL AS the surrounding (cancerous) tissue, Thermodox shows great potential to be the ONLY treatment on the market capable of HALTING Liver Cancer COMPLETELY with NO RECURRANCE!

    Think about it.

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    • Wow, How can you even begin to put a dollar value on such words. I think a realistic value would have to be somewhere in the neighborhood of PRICELESS.

    • ?????????????????

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      • Hope this helps. The context in which I used the (mispelled) term would be found under each of the 2nd (medical) definitions below:


        METASTASIS: Dictionary Entry and Meaning
        Pronunciation: mu'tastusis

        Matching Terms: metastasise, metastasize

        WordNet Dictionary

        Definition: 1.[n] the organic processes (in a cell or organism) that are necessary for life
        2.[n] the spreading of a disease to another part of the body

        Synonyms: metabolic process, metabolism

        See Also: anabolism, basal metabolic rate, basal metabolism, biological process, BMR, catabolism, cellular respiration, citric acid cycle, constructive metabolism, destructive metabolism, dissimilation, fat metabolism, glycolysis, internal respiration, katabolism, Krebs citric acid cycle, Krebs cycle, organic process, pathologic process, pathological process, respiration, tricarboxylic acid cycle

        Webster's 1913 Dictionary

        Definition: \Me*tas"ta*sis\, n.; pl. {Metastases}. [L.,
        transition, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to place in another way; ? after
        + ? to place.]
        1. (Theol.) A spiritual change, as during baptism.

        2. (Med.) A change in the location of a disease, as from one
        part to another. --Dunglison.

        3. (Physiol.) The act or process by which matter is taken up
        by cells or tissues and is transformed into other matter;
        in plants, the act or process by which are produced all of
        those chemical changes in the constituents of the plant
        which are not accompanied by a production of organic
        matter; metabolism.

        Medical Dictionary

        Definition: The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another. Tumors formed from cells that have spread are called "secondary tumors" and contain cells that are like those in the original (primary) tumor. The plural is metastases.

        Biology Dictionary

        Definition: The spread of a disease from one organ or body part to another which is not directly connected to the first.
        The spread of cancer from its original site to another part of the body; this happens because cancer cells break off the original tumor and spread via the blood or lymph system.

        Sorry for the inconvenience; spelling is not my strong point.

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