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  • legodat legodat Nov 13, 2009 10:06 AM Flag

    Ralph / Disclosedaat / OT


    Not that anyone should really care, but I would like to disclosed the following, and, Ralph, my new tip is included.

    Odaat The Fool or Prophet, just now:

    1. Increased position in CLSN at 3.33 on Friday the 13th.

    2. Re-established a fairly small long position in ADXS (Advaxis)

    3. Establish a substantial position in SNT (Senesco).

    Ralph - SNT is the tip. A apoptosis technology to up or down regulate programmed cell death through the 5A factor, as opposed to what Genentech and others are trying to do. This is true search and destroy technology. I like that they have a steady (although meager) source of funding through the multiple licensing agreements in Agriculture, and I like that fact that one equity actually spans two completely opposite (both categorically and cyclically) sectors (Biotech, Agronomy, that insiders protected a complete annihilation of the stock by purchasing all of the shares held by the now defunct Stanford Venture Capital Investment Group, and, finally, you know Odaat the DD'r, after much DD, I spoke with their IR rep at FD and at length directly with both their CEO Mr. Galton and the brilliant Warren Isabelle of our very own Ironwood, who now sits on SNT's board, and I have to say all of those conversations were like talking with Mikey or Jolly Ol' Doc Nick...mastery of the science, the business plan, the execution, etc. I was very impressed, and my post-discussion DD, including contact made with Dr. Mark Levigne of the high and mighty Genentech sealed the deal. I see SNT as a 5 year-out play, but I put 1 full nut and half of the other in it.

    So discloseth Odaat.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Hey Odaat,
      Saw on the ADXS board that you got back in. I have yet to pull the buy trigger, however, I'm close. My ? to both Ralph and yourself, do you believe a r/s will become a necessity for survival? A mkt.cap of 13m with a 100m share float at this stage of the game would suggest a higher sp would be an absolute necessity. Further dilution @ .11 wouldn't be in the co.'s best interest, imo. Therefore what other avenues does the co. have for continuing the clinacles? Thanks, Carl

    • Thanks for the tip. I will put it on my watch list. My initial DD will probably involve figuring out whether they have funding to do their research. There are many great stories that never make it for lack of funds. I will let you know if I discover anything.

      I see you're back in ADXS. I am thinking about going back in as well.


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