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  • alphamojo alphamojo Nov 8, 2011 10:53 AM Flag

    NoWayCelsionBooks3/Conferences w/o GreatNews

    Sometimes the future is crystal clear! There is no way in the world that Celsion books presentations at 3 major conferences in tight succession unless they have a Great Story to tell. Remember, they can always turn down all of these conference invitations and none of us would ever know. Like I said, sometimes the future is crystal clear.

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    • The steadily increasing number of Celsion conference appearances may serve to increase added research coverage of Celsion over time. Celsion addresses so many of the major forms of Cancer and is an incredibly cheap stock when measured against the huge population of potential cancer victims which Celsion may help to cure. Because these statistics are so dramatic, every new research report on Celsiom appearing in recent years has been a positive recommendation to Buy the stock. This trend should contine until the stock is at least in the $20s or $30s. This is a very significant, very positive factor for Celsion investors. The company is finally beginning to gain widespread recognition in the Biotech/Biopharma Wall Street research community. Companies are only invited to the conferences which Celsion is participating in currently, after approval and signoff by the brokerage firm's analyst covering the Biotech/Biopharma sector. The Needham & Company Annual Conference will be another event early in January.

    • Actually clsn usually prs alot of there CC the morning of pretty sure I've seen prs for what they will discuss the morning of

    • We hear from twitter first about these conferences. Company talking to mangrove but not us. Interesting NAugust Retracts all statements avout interim, company reprimand? Wouldn't announcing news attract investors? What's the point of these conferences to raise Money? Or try to get institutions to buy stock that has only 36 os? Why three conferences for institutions? Rodman initiates coverage as bullish then we dilute?
      The utter lack of communication when we all know the interim news is due out is indefensible, give us a bone let us know what's going on.

      Sorry I'm still bullish but I'm pretty pussed about hiw the company is handling this. It should not feel like we bought into the CIA!!!
      Hope mike has got something good for thursday

    • What about the possibility of good data but still a continue rather than a halt. I would be feeling better if they had announced the trial results before the investor conferences. I'm a little concerned that they will be using these conferences to line up buyers for the upcoming stock offering based on the encouraging results from the ongoing trial but causing us to have to wait for another 12-18 months for the final results. If this is the case, I see the share price moving back into the low two's so the big boy's can load up on the cheap.

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      • No argument. But I simply don't see the stock trading anywhere in the $2.50 - $3.75 range when MT steps onto the podium for the first of these conferences if the CC hasn't offered up some very good news. It will be either well beyond $4.00 or already be below $2.50. And if it has tanked into the low $2s, Mike may be speaking to an empty room or two or three. In fact, if that is the case, he would have been better off passing up these conferences and waiting until he had some really good news to offer before returning to the conference circuit.

    • clsamg Nov 8, 2011 11:37 AM Flag

      I agree. Hard to believe Mike will be in front of the audience presenting those old phase1 slides. Unless he will.

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