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  • daviscupper daviscupper Mar 17, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    Stockstoshort and serious Shorts?

    stocktoshort and serious shorts,

    Most of the time you guys posts either nasty, hateful stuff or short, almost incomprehensible negative messages. Maybe you do the former because you are the target of so many hateful messages. At any rate I have some serious questions for you and hopefully you will provide some thoughtful answers.

    As you know I am a trader and I seek opportunities to make money. I don't fall in love with a company, stock and certainly not a CEO, especially this one. I am here to make some money.

    After I heard about this company I did a lot of research. I came to appreciate the mind-boggling technology and saw this as a golden opportunity. I waited for a share offering and watched the Mangrove debacle play out and then I pounced at near the all time low and bought over 70k shares and unloaded when it went over Two. I did nearly the same thing with over 60k shares not too long ago. On both the occasions that I sold I remember thinking at the time this could be a mistake because the technology is truly revolutionary.

    My questions to you focus on what exactly did you see that made you think this company was a good short play? I am asking you these questions because as far as I can tell you and a few traders are the only people making money in this stock. And as much as I may be impressed by the technology I am more impressed by people who make money. So here are my questions:

    (1) Assuming you understand the technology, weren't you afraid to short and what tipped you off about the company and made you think the pps would drop like a rock over the last year?

    (2) Did you know something about the CEO that made you think he would over promise and under deliver, time and time again? What was the tip off?

    (3) Prior to shorting did your research lead you to believe the company would dilute and dilute more and more shares? Why?

    (4) Did the company's previous 15-1 reverse split play any part in your decision to short?

    (5) Is there any particular person in management or the Board of Directors that led you to believe shorting was a good play?

    (6) Are you concerned about a partner appearing out of nowhere to make an offer of say $5-$10 per share? If not, why not?

    (7) What would make you cover for good?

    Congratulations on your past success. Thanks in advance for any and all information. Cheers.

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    • 5 stars I mean the guy is asking for advice from stockstoshorts!!!

      Enough said

    • Although I am out at the moment that was a very good post Cantastic!!!!

    • (6) Are you concerned about a partner appearing out of nowhere to make an offer of say $5-$10 per share? If not, why not?

      I think that naive

      I think you will find
      big money already knows

      """ Until now, the selling of drug secrets has been hidden from securities regulators and the public, but biotech and Wall Street insiders said the practice is widespread.

      "Everybody does this.... It's now common practice," said the chief executive of California biotech company Valentis, Ben McGraw, a former Wall Street analyst. """


    • met incompetent floundering management team 3 years ago

      they failed talking group into private buy

      stated more fundraisers coming

      who longterm buys fundraiser business model?

      short bios lacking capital to prove unknown results

      • 2 Replies to stockstoshort
      • stockstoshort,

        Interesting. So you saw first hand management failEd to deliver on a significant private investment. Subsequent to that the company announced that it would need to seek further funding.

        Sounds like two very good reasons to short. Obviously you were right and have done very well. So, congratulations to you.

        Going forward I take the company at its word that it will need to seek additional funds in 2012. Now that they have stated this in black and white for all to see I think we will see two significant fundraising events.

        I think the first will occur very soon, possibly in the next couple of weeks. Maybe immediately before the independent data monitoring committee issues another report stating they recommend the trial should continue according to protocol. The next one sometime in late Q3 or early Q4.

      • I will disagree respectfully by saying the following

        there was a chance for PFS
        temporary approval and I was an owner


        it would have been temporary
        approval awaiting OS results
        and I thought that was a 20 % chance of final approval on one trial

        and I got in way late,
        waited until enrollment had
        some good numbers

        the key to entering for me was waiting for enrollment and seeing how
        much money they had

        when Japan terminated
        shortly thereafter
        I thought that 50/50 and ultimately 20 % chance decreased significantly and sold -

        when Avastin came out

        I immediately thought Pazdur
        would never allow PFS temporary approval, Japan termination was a violation of the SPA, chance of temporary and final approval now equal 2 %

        time will tell


    • >>>> After I heard about this company I did a lot of research. I came to appreciate the mind-boggling technology and saw this as a golden opportunity. <<<<<

      And that is where you are wrong.

      A. They already tried free dox + RFA - no improvement in OS

      B. Japan is the world leader in RFA, RFA + TACE is the tried and true leader

      C. Japan allowed the SPA and then terminated enrollment a year later, I believe the dates were initiated enrollment in September 2009 and halted November 2010.

      D. Japan had every reason to let the trial move forward

      i) they maintain their "status" as world leader in RFA

      ii) they see if their TACE is the true champion

      iii) they save the lives of Japanese citizens, again Japan does MORE RFA than China and US combined, you don't think they want to know ?

      iv) who terminates a PIII FDA approved trial where millions and years and LIVES were spent in design and implementation - WITHOUT GOOD REASON ????

      E. Other "targeted therapies" have been tried, none have worked as far as I know. Know this is a "targeted therapy" meaning the basic premise is delivery on site of tumor.

      Look up the term micrometastases


      There is no magic here

      Again look up the term

      What you are smarter than Pfizer, J&J, name any other big pharma,

      What Novartis wouldn't drop 20 - 50 million in for rights of exclusive US license if they thought there was a 50/50 chance

      50 million is pennies on research, when the company takes all the risk, and they have to do nothing. They will spend 300 - 500 MILLION making a drug.

      They drop 50 million in - in return for 50 Million shares - they do it all the time - if it hits they make tons and get exclusive rights, if not they only lose 50 million, who cares its a write off.

      Suffice it to say, IMHO you don't understand the wild west of biotech stocks.

      Nothing personal of course.

      The chance of a win here, meaning FDA approval on a single trial was NEVER greater than 20 %, when Japan terminated it went to 2 %.

      .In my opinion or as my best guess of course.

      ..Of course as with ALL my posts

      ..... My posts are filled with just one persons questions, opinion, speculation, conjecture, guess, hunch, surmise.

      And Correction not only welcome, but insisted upon.

      Not advice to buy or sell a stock, not a stock advisor.
      This like all my posts posted merely for entertainment on a board
      the purpose of which is entertainment. Stocks go up and down for reason,
      sometimes no reason at all. I have no idea if this stock will go up or down.
      My posts are merely entertainment, speculation, conjecture mixed on occasion in part with a bit of insanity, so if you want to see into the future, call ms cleo, if you want stock advice, see a stock advisor, and if you want speculation, conjecture, opinion and perhaps insanity, read my posts and the yahoo message boards. And as always. I am human so from time to time I err, if you see ANY issue that needs correction PLEASE correct it !

      The Long and Short of it is DO NOT rely on message boards when making a decision to buy or sell a stock. Do your own research and make your own decision, either alone or with the help of a stock advisor !!!!


    • Hey boob, why not have your strategy meeting in your office with all your monkey employees in attendance? or if they are scattered around the world working from home use net meeting or other technologies, don't pollute the MB with your crap, 80% or more of the serious investors in this stock already have you on ignore...

    • Let's see, you called me a fool etc. and offered nothing to the thread. Then you claimed my responses insulted you? I really don't follow?

      At any rate thank you for the tips. Maybe I will look into them. Cheers and GLTY. I hope you live long and become filthy rich. ;-)

    • Davis Cupper sorry to inform you that you are making a complete fool out of yourself!!!! Like Celsion is the only stock in the world to long or short...Scratching my head at your post!!!

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