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  • chartsavvy chartsavvy Jul 12, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    CLSN it's gaining interest here is why:

    CLSN’s proprietary heat-activated liposome technology enables delivery of significantly higher concentrations of proven chemotherapy drugs directly to the tumor, which stops the progression of cancer and minimizes systemic toxicities. Liposomes are small membrane-enclosed sacks that can store or transport substances. CLSN’s heat-activated liposomes circulate within the tumor tissue. When heat is added locally, it causes the rapid release of the encapsulated chemotherapeutic agent directly within the targeted tumor. CLSN has completed animal studies that demonstrated intravenous administration of ThermoDox, in combination with targeted heat to the tumor, will produce doxorubicin drug concentrations in tumor tissue that are much greater than existing approved liposomal formulations of doxorubicin on the market today. The number of lives that could be saved each year from this breakthrough technology is in the tens of thousands.

    CLSN also has a whole product pipeline of cancer drugs employing its heat activated liposomal technology including docetaxel and carboplatin. This technology improves efficacy and safety of anticancer agents. The approach CLSN takes provides a cost effective, low risk approval pathway. This technology will treat a broad range of cancers.

    CLSN has a very small market cap & the market potential is many multiples of what most on this board understand. What this means is when CLSN gets data & lic deals then CLSN will get many times its current valuation. The risk is low & the potential reward is large. This is not about making 100-200% but rather a 600-700% return. $15 is nothing for a Phase III with strong results & such potential market share. What is being said, loud & clear, is that Thermodox is a billion dollar asset. 3x sales is $3 billion with 50 million fully diluted is $60 per share. The upside is great & the results are near.

    CEO Michael Tardugno predicted the company's ThermoDox liver cancer treatment could be a "$1 billion drug."

    Use some due diligence and figure it all out yourself!!!

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