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  • jasonrobinson220 jasonrobinson220 Aug 16, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    $5.00 Coming

    Now that Celsion has gained national attention, they will come running. Its a remarkable story.

    Ill enjoy the ride up

    disclaimer: I own shares in this stock

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    • reportmyabuse,

      Too funny, but somehow I completely understand your dilemma. I am all in so I do not suffer from the quandry you find yourself.

      I really don't know what to tell you. If you have looked at my model you know the treatment group is massively outperforming the control group through a whole range of median PFS for control.

      I am afraid that many others, hedge funds and investors, have obtained similar results from their models. Now that MT is not diluting shares I think there will be many more long term investors and a lot less daytraders. With the end result being there won't be many opportunities to buy cheap shares on major pull backs.

      Whatever you do don't sell your shares. Some institutions, hedge funds or major investors are going to start buying this big time when they realize there is very little downside risk. JMHO. Cheers and GLTY.

      P.S. You are correct, a removable top is fun. 430 horse power, manual six-speed transmission, heads up display and a top end speed of 190 mph is also a blast. ;-)

    • Seriously? The day I'm finally ready to add some on any dip it closes up 8 percent after dropping from being up more than FORTY cents midday? I was only going to add an extra 10 percent to my current position, but I've never been so angry to see the majority of my portfolio rise 8 percent in one day. This stock is making me irrational.

    • $how nuff and Dim$um

    • Black 2013 ford raptor crew cab is in my future. I just asked my crystal ball :) plan on riding my shares through phase 3 results and past approval. Might sell a small amount on approval then but will hold a big core for 2 or 3 years. Everything looks to be in our favor you just have to open your eyes and do some DD. GLTAL's

    • Thanks davis. I too have a feeling that Celsion is finally turning the corner. The HEAT data is close enough that it now seems this stock can no longer be ignored. Like you, I certainly had my criticisms of management in the past, but also like you, I never had any doubts in the potential of Thermodox. Those dilutions were merciless, and almost seemed time to hit when we finally thought it was over. And I tip my cap to those who held through the reverse split and whatnot.

      Perhaps it is too late to flip. This may be a one way trip, but that's fine by me. Buy some more in the $3s and sell at $6. I would be completely happy with that. Time to step outside the old box of my core position.

      Glad to hear you love your new car. I won't be looking at sports cars necessarily, but it certainly would be nice to have a retractable roof.

    • Too add or not to add? I'm already up to my eyeballs in this stock. But if this is the time that it actually goes up and stays up...

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