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  • jimbobtooth jimbobtooth Sep 6, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    Any MT Bashers Rethinking Your Opinion?

    I've always felt he was going at it the right way... but that he was a terribly uncharasmatic presenter. He's line up all of the critical investors, he's played nice with the FDA and he's been patient. Anyone once this thing breaks, it's going to be new indication after new indication. Anyone still calling for his head?

    I wonder if anyone will step and and say they were wrong and he's had the right approach.

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    • I think it very important that investors separate the company from it's stock. The company's product is great and is vastly needed for patients to get treated with. However, if Thermadox gets approved by the FDA, there will be dilution based upon options/warrants that will automatically exercise due to such approval. Revenue will not start ramping up until 2016 per the company so that's almost four more years of trying to fund a company that has enough cash to last through 2013.

      Their best bet is to partner up with a large pharma (the Chinese partner while large in China is not the partner the stock market is looking for) or entertain buyout offers after the FDA decision.

      Management has done a fantastic job in 2012 lining up their ducks in a row to get to this point. The question is if the FDA approval is alreasdy baked into a $5.00 stock price where very little revenue and no profits will occur in the next three + years?

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      • Asian partnership will bring in much needed cash. The US partnership/licensing agreement should bring in a large cash infusion, and they have the 75m at their disposal immediately. $100, 200m for the US deal? Change for bp, but along with the expected 75m dilution could fund the company until revenue begins to fund operations. sdtrond or bio or other experts here could perhaps give a more accurate comment on this.

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    • JB, I admit, I was not happy when MT seemed to stumble through some of the recorded conferences, presentations, etc. but with his recent change in delivery, I on board with mgt. as I have always been with the science.

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      • Never had a Problem with management, always thought they put the company before shareholders which when you have NO revenue or NO products you do what you have to do to be successful. Whats best for the company in the long run is whats best for us. When everyone was calling for his head, Mick or bty made some superb points about optimism, dilution and timelines. All the while the long term was being set up for us, that long term is almost here now....

        I give them kudos for changing what needed to be changed in their approach, but having the brass to do whats best for the company and be damned with shareholders like Nate August and many of us who wanted instant gratification.

        Dcups I'd change your name you write well but your a wolf in sheeps clothes.

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    • Well, I have certainly bashed the livin' chit out of him in the past. For reasons that I thought were well-deserverd, such as phoning in presentations and being less than candid about Celsion's intentions to raise funds.

      However, a couple of months ago I think he and the company had a "come-to-Jesus" moment and they started putting the interests of the company and shareholders ahead of their own personal aggrandizement.

      When they decided to borrow money instead of diluting shares was the moment for me. Then following up with stellar, well-rehearsed, professional presentations and pursuing collaborations with the world's most prestigious institutions only confirmed that Celsion and management are focused on obstaining stellar Phase III results with minimum dilution and the utmost concern for shareholder value.

      You can take that as a mea culpa if you want. I believe the science and management's focus and concern for shareholder value couple with blockbuster potential make Celsion a very compelling super buy. Maybe the best opportunity on Wall Street. JMHO.

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      • I have certainly been very vocal in my criticism of management, and I think that clsndd and davis have hit all the same points for my dissatisfaction over the past year. There was the low share price and lack of price stability, allocations to the executive bonus plan while most shareholders were deep in the red, seemingly lackluster communication with shareholders and presentations to analysts, the Mangrove debacle, repeated dilutions including those at extremely low share prices, following assurances to shareholders that there were no plans to raise money, and giving incredibly favorable terms to new large investors.

        While I have always been a believer in the technology and Thermodox, I certainly accused management of handling business poorly. I will certainly be happy with them as soon as this fall if the HEAT trial continues to move forward to favorable data and we don’t get diluted again too soon. I will admit that it appears they have handled the science well.

        However, I still feel like they could have handled the investor community a bit better. Adam F’s recent tweets sort of sum of my feelings over the past year. It’s almost like a twilight zone episode. Like we struck gold, we’re running around showing it to people, and no one seems to want it anymore or care. Treat inoperable cancer? Who cares?

        Given how good the market is at sniffing out value, it is bizarre. Given the lack of response, I always assumed that management must be the worst salesmen in history, turn off analysts, or even be suppressing the share price so they and their friends could buy more on the cheap. Perhaps I was wrong on those counts and the market has a blind spot for Celsion for some odd reason. Weird, but I guess that is the setup that produces those beautiful charts that look like vertical cliffs too.

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      • Gosh, this hurts...but thank you dcup for saying that...still not believing you are legit...but at least it was not a pump, just a reality.
        From a movie "stay with the force, you will survive" OK so I paraphrased it some but you get the meaning...unless you don't....

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      • True, the decision to borrow instead of dilute was a turning point in the share price. I have a feeling that decision was a result of the exasperation of the shareholders... we were too fed up.

    • I still think he fumbled the ball on several occasions. Remember the whole N. August/bribery debacle? Dilutive financing during our low share price... I could go on. Bottom line-- thank god Tdox works.

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      • Mostly very good points on the dilusion,and openness with investors. Those Surprises sucked.
        I dont agree on the Nathanial Augustus stuff. That guy was a prick we wanted control (influence) on the board. The offering of more stocked #$%$ everyone off but it prevented that ball-bag from having the necessary stake to influence the board. He wanted to push the FDA to unblind.

        That bribery claim was just completely unsubstantiated. If there was anything to it, he'd have moved forward with legal action.

        MTs purpose has always been to get this to market, not court and pander to individual investors. As an individual investor, that's frustrating as hell.... but in the end, I think his focus was in the right spot. I see flaws, no doubt... but the overall approach is going to pay off.

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