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  • liquidassets33 liquidassets33 Dec 14, 2012 9:37 PM Flag

    The Street - Fund Manager says Tdox will fail, heres why...

    Now I just bought 23.5k shares and will hold till after the results. I am curious to hear what you guys think of this article...

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    • After watching Cramer for 3 years I have found that Cramer will usually loose you money (I work in TV so I see his show all the time). I have charted his "Plays" and I noticed that his calls are made after the stock value has already run up or reached a plateu and anyone taking his advice is paying the profit-takers for their insight. I value his advice as good for generic advice, but would never put money on his plays.

      As far as the article, I can find no critical insights within it.
      To Quote...
      "Thermodox is like shooting at a rhinoceros with a pellet gun," LOL - Horrible analogy
      if standard Dox is a Bullet the T-Dox is a ICBM missile - because of its Liposome sheath the treatment allows for X3 (three times) the amount as "free-dox"
      Dox is known to kill tumor tissue efficiently, the problem is the collateral damage.
      heat is used to increase tumor vasculaity, then the RFA zaps the tumor and unsheathe the T-dox
      also the liposome is constructed from fat and tumors love fat like kids love candy

      the only pellets involved are what the chicken-headed author gets paid to bash

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    • liquidassets, investors need to ask themselves if the following is possible and how it affects the risk-reward ratio of their investment:

      "Survival trends should give Thermodox substantial pricing power if results are great."

      Please comment.

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      • Thanks for your replies Therm96133!

        I have a lot of confidence in Celsion in the 20+ hours I have read about it. Love the direction management is taking with it and how confident they are as well. The principle behind their method of delivery is nothing short of genius!

        My problem is I did not realize how many people are out there, wether it be NCBS/Bloomberg's "analysts" or numerous stock websites and its "writers", claim to speak their opinions as if they are facts...

        Phase III has been going on since 08 yet these folks claim to know exactly how high the price is going to go if successful, how low if a failure and everything in between...

        Biotech is something that is new to me, so I will have to figure out how these stocks work. I know its as tricky of an investment as you can make. On the other hand, the only one that can return such a high margin in such a low period of time.

    • A complete cure would be a grand slam. Extended survival is a home run.

    • liquidassets, to calm your nerves, I recommend

      A) do 10 to 20 hours of DD on CLSN &

      B) watch 2 videos about Thermodox. One is live and the other is animated. Although I don't have the link for the live one, the animated video is very easy to find. Just go to youtube and type in "thermodox". It's 2 minutes 19 seconds long and it's fantastic. Please post your comments about it.

      C) also to calm your nerves, keep in mind the significant amount of insider buying recently.

      Hope to hear your comments soon.

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    • i think TheStreet is owned by Cramer and his cronies. Cramer will say something on cnbc at some point about this stock. they are all crooks.

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      • Cramer has admitted (go to you tube) that when he was a fund manager he used to plant negative stories to help his short position...Once slime....Always slime!

      • I watched Cramer a few times and it occured to me that his commentary is either tape delayed or just an affirmation of the obvious. Most of his recomendations had already come to pass and were very obvious to a beginner like myself.
        As far as Thermodox goes: Therm said it the best, watch the video and listen to the Lazard Capital Markets 9th Annual Healthcare Conference. Read as much as you can and make your own informed decision. I think the video and the conference will ease most of your anxiety.
        I don't own quite as many shares as you (only 3000) but I am all in anxiously awaiting the results. If he price rises a little more I may consider selling half and ride the rest of the wave on house money. Good luck to you.

      • markt1271 Dec 14, 2012 9:58 PM Flag

        He's a short fan, what else would you expect?

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