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  • odaat_the_cancer_fighter odaat_the_cancer_fighter Jan 10, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    Changing more frquently than Adrian Monk's underwear


    Of all the brokerage houses, Ameritrade has been the most liberal with its margin allowances for CLSN. If it's any indicator, they upped their requirements exactly one week before Mike's announcement about 380, then again about 4 weeks ago, then again 3 days ago, then today they got rid of all concentration percentages and called all CLSN margin to 76%, and they are going to 100%, DUE before the end of the day tomorrow, tomorrow morning.

    I had what I can only call a "VERY INTERESTING" conversation with a higher up in their risk/margin department. Of course, the official statement is that Ameritrade's risk department has no information more than what is publicly available, and that this is just a response to the implied volatility, the options trading, and the publicly-obtainable information that news is to be out "at some point here."

    I was curious what "at some point" meant, so I took the Concorde to Omaha, disguised myself as a taxodermist who was making a pitch to their CEO's plan to go with a more hunting and rustic look in the main lobby by dressing up for the interview as anasty #$%$ honey badger devouring a prairie dog I nicknamed "Shortie." They let me right in. Needless to say I said I was nervous and had to use the bathroom, and that the outfit was cumbersome so if I was in there a while not to worry. Naturally, I skipped the loo part and went right up into the air ducts above the third stall. Easily finding the risk/margin department by the trailing scent of anti-anxiety medications, I then overheard a conversation that got me all giddy.

    Get positioned NOW exactly where you want to be if you aren't already folks. Daat's all I can say.

    - Nasty Odaat Honey Badger

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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