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  • alark13 Jan 21, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Quiet Confidence...

    I don't have much to say at this point... it has all been said and hashed over and over... still my relative silence should not be misinterpreted... I am very, very confident and holding through data... the bear raid last week only strengthened my confidence... no one dumps a million shares at market unless they want to drive pps down... it is not the way you unwind a position in a stock you want out of... it would be absurdly stupid to do it that way... last week was mostly about protecting option sellers, covering short positions, turning short positions into long positions... everything else from Aschoff to AF to the increase of flying monkey posts on this website all scream coordination with those agendas... I am more confident now than ever... the recent activity of the bears, bashers and shorts have confirmed that they don't even believe their own arguments anymore... jmo...

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    • alark13 Jan 29, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

      Nothing has fundamentally changed since I first posted this... except for the Hisun deal and the payment of the first 5 mil... quite nice... nothing left to say or do... we wait... but now there are only 3 days remaining... data is palpable... we wait with quiet confidence... for the outcome is clear... stat sig...

    • has anyone seen this?

      any relevance to our Phase III?

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    • It was inevitable that CLSN was going to be attacked before data release and boy did they attack. They picked the already volatile OPEX week to unleash their attack...everything from the 1m shares market sell order and T7 halt to Feuerstein coming out and attacking CLSN and of course a bear raid would not be complete with Ashcroft coming and giving his worthless opinion. The week ended and CLSN sat at $7 the exact max pain price for OPEX.

      Oh what a wonderful world, this is the never ending drama until the data hits the tape. I still remain long as ever and will continue to buy dips.

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    • totally agree also. But I had to put up the Letter from MT again because: #1-- it's such a great read for the longs and should provide reassurance that the past week's trading is really nothing but a smokescreen, and the company is on track to do everything it has predicted, and #2--it should put a little--or a lot of fear in the shorts who are simply playing this stock on the "odds" or because they see other shorts on the MB, and really know nothing about the product and company, and their attention to every possible detail and contingency to get Thermodox approved and where it belongs--in the bodies of cancer patients. Oh yeah---and the stock price much, much higher!

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    • Couldn't agree with you more-- the ferocity of the events from last week speak volume-- but for me especially the 900k share dump at market said it all. Shorts protecting their butts. Good thing is when the good news is told this week (IMHO), longs will be holding on to a rocket that has been quite significantly oversold in the prior week. With the good news, CLSN will double coming right out of the gates.

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    • bump that! I've begun to use ignore on some of the monkeys....GLTCELSION

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    • same here alark.....holding

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    • I agree with you for today because market is close. Nothing spectacular will happen regarding pps. But tomorrow the aschoff indicated downward trend will continue. Remember the target price is $1 at the end of the month. Not too many days left to accomplish that.
      Trade safely.

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