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  • capnstock capnstock Jan 26, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Isn't a key point about the Celsion product the thermal coating for the DOX drug?


    If the thermoDOX proves to be a effective treatment, how long before you start getting
    Thermo( fill in the blank) versions of other target drug procedures?
    Celsion has the thermal liposomes, and everyone else would have to license the coating from them for years.

    The company's statements imply that they are looking in this direction.
    What does that do to the valuation predictions?

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    • Reiterate, Doxorubicin isn't a 'pill' with a 'coating' it is free drug in a lipid membrane, a hollow ball of fat. This hollow ball of fat can travel throughout the body undetected by immune system. It eventually gets filtered out of the body....

      However, when this fat ball hits the proper temp, it becomes more porous and the doxorubicin crystals escape the liposome (hollow ball of fat).

    • I can only imagine the potential wide applications to treat other forms of cancer. If the heat trial can validate the advantage of the whole system of this innovative drug delivery, more likely Celsion will be bought out or major partnership with big Pharma either soon or later. It all boils down to how good the data is, the better data the more likely the chance of buy out or a major partnership with likes of Pfizer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Coating drugs so that the active ingredient is released later is nothing unique, proprietary nor novel.

      What does CLSN really have?
      They coated somebody else's drug and are using someone else's ablation equipment.
      In other words they developed absolutely nothing.

      There's no evidence that heated dox works any better then regular dox.
      This company is much ado about nothing with a lot of pumpers.

      A lot of unsuspecting investors will be ablated on this misadventure.

    • Wow, people are starting to get it. That's why a $280 million valuation is a complete joke. If results are good, factor in the five or more indications with dox and the five or more indications for each of the three to six other drugs the LTSL platform will be partnered with and billions and billions starts to comes into focus. First step, great results with dox in HCC.

    • "The LTSL platform also has the ability to be applied to a variety of drug products. In addition to ThermoDox, Celsion is applying its LTSL technology platform to develop liposomal formulations of docetaxel and carboplatin"

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