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  • skyhigh_x skyhigh_x Jan 30, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    ►►CLSN FACT TODAY 1/30/2013◄◄

    Anyone can call 1-(609)896--9100 and ask if the HEAT trial is on schedule. I just did at 08:47 AM and was told they are still on track for January. This is fact call yourselves it costs nothing on any kind of a cell phone plan.

    Now stop worrying !!! IMO going to $28

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    • Just called the Celsion receptionist, she told me that keep looking at the website for any announcement/updates. As per her they are on track to publish the results in January.
      I am hoping results will be strong but it is cure for carinoma...


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ahaha...never trust the investor relatinship. That is very weird answer BTW. Once i was told by by some other company IR they will keeo number of shares under 200M. In 2 days i got email to vote for increase number of shares to 450M.

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      • Celsion Corp. can NOT legally tell anyone a thing till the public is informed through a PR. The idea here is that to do otherwise creates insider trading the last thing CLSN wants before good results get reported.

        Leaks always happen and as stated in a longer post above CLSN must now have results and some leaks as ALWAYS have occurred. Celsion is fine though because they are and have been making a serious effort to contain.

        With all the late rumors and reverse pumpers on this board failing you know some good news must have slipped out through the cracks. That would explain the days buying.

      • Per Celsion Corp's receptionist Celsion is on track to publish the results at the end of January and "we are still on target"

        Now a lot of people want shares for good reason CLSN with it's 30 million float will move better than KERX with it's 70 plus million share float.... just following the KERX model CLSN would now have to hit over $22 per share however that's before float size consideration and market cap. $30 is still low when that gets factored in.

        Obviously CLSN must have the info and is doing the right thing. Good management makes sure that all the "i's and t's" are correct leaving nothing to chance. Likely an offer or two have also been made to Celsion and making sure all board members agree to the direction the company takes is prudent. Stock price is climbing now just like KERX did just before the news. In itself it means NO negative news is leaking.

        Think about the negatives posted and Seeking Alpha posts trying to take shares on a slam dunk. Yet, CLSN is still climbing today. NO negative news has leaked... because it's the opposite good news can't be contained from friends and family no matter how hard the SEC. tries.

        A PR will be out either some time today or tomorrow that is a fact. To not have a PR out with a receptionist still saying on track would be wrong. I am sure the Celsion management team knows this.

        NEWS within 24 hours and it must be leaking as good!!!!!

      • yzzycz - like it or not Thursday is the answer some type news will be out KERX now $9.88 and probably scares you.

      • yzzycz... KERX closed at $3.43 the day before the news and today hit $9.43 for a $175% gain.

        At the moment CLSN trades at about $7.80 adding 175% = $21.45

        You may want to call the above provided number and buy to cover.

        Let me break it down for you as you seem a bit on the slow side: That would be a gain of $13.65 per share following the KERX model... meaning if you hold those 100 shares of yours short you could lose $1365. On the other hand if you were correct and you are not and the stock went to zero you would make just $780

        Trades favor longs and KERX still going higher in fact was upgraded to $15 price target yesterday.

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