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  • odaatthecancerfighter odaatthecancerfighter Jan 30, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    From Your Friend Odaat Part 1

    Hi folks. Note the moniker - yes, this is a Yahoo! account I just setup, and don't plan to keep open. You real Friends of Odaat know how to reach me. I closed my old account due to just unbelievable, off the wall harassing emails from some entities on this board, and that is why I have not been posting. (but have been lurking, rating, and enjoying! You folks, especially the long timers, are so smart, so witty, and such good people, who actually care about cancer answers, not just wallet success.

    I've now received several emails from friends saying there is discussion here about Odaat and about Daviscupper and several other things, and it bothers me. I have absolutely nothing to dfo with daviscupper, I don't know who the person behind that moniker is, I have never emailed or had any contact with daviscupper, and you can look at all my posts to davis or about Davis that I treated him with amused skepticism, and stayed a good length of distance away. Oh, I don't know if there is a daviscupper and Nate Agust connection, but there was enough in his manner of posting to give me pause, and I made that clear here several times. What he did with his shares is his business. My recent absence from here has absolutely nothing to do with my faith in the iLTSSL and Celsion, which has not wavered one bit, period. I made specific efforts to be sure I kept connections with the real friends of Odaat before closing my Yahoo! email address, and I believe I now have those connections in my new email account. (Friends of Odaat, please keep the new email private to yourselves.)

    See part 2:

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    • Now that Odaat is retiring, will the Celsiocard become a more valuable collector's item? I still have the one you passed out two ASHMs ago.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • edbern Jan 31, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

      Well the waiting is over. Today we get the answer to our question. Do we have the cancer answer and how many people will it help. Best of luck to all...

    • Let me pile on with another "WELL DONE!!". You kept the light on during the darkest hours. Good to see you'll be supporting the fun parts too (ASHM, Vegas, etc).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Odaat, I echo what the others have said, and have personally let you know what you've meant to me and my family. Thank you for the inspiration to take a chance on a better life; thank you for your dedication in taking on cancer and fighting for so many in need. You my friend are a special person; that is why so many have grown to respect and admire you on this board. That said, I can't get past the tone of your posts...despite your insistance on remaining optimistic, I came away with a bearish if you already know that it failed. The Au Revoir aspect of them just before the conference call, coming from you, just took the wind completely out of my sails. I realize you didn't sign up to be the no. 1 cheerleader forever, and that this is just a good a time as any to get off the bus; but man, couldn't you have waited until after the conference call to sign off.

      Well if we must, I guess I'll all have to say good bye to our cancer gladiator. ...but not yet, Spaniard. Not yet.

    • kccjfc Jan 31, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

      Kudos to you, Mitch. You planted the seeds which grew the curiosity of many(I think I speak for some) and prompting some to stay with it, dig deeper, and to uncover the real potential of tdox with confidence of a favorable outcome.
      No small feat.



    • Odaat, this is Gizmo_Puppy
      I just wanted you to know personally that I enjoyed your posts and on tough days you made me smile. I'm not going into my personal life, but a smile on my face is rare and makes my day.
      I didn't know you personally but would like to someday. My email is jdlinke at yhoo. Send me an email sometime, if you choose.
      I was one of those who wrote about missing your posts, the energy that came through them and especially the humor.

      Maybe this treatment may end up giving some of us on this board some prolonged quality of life. I stated earlier in a post that I am attending a Funeral on Saturday of a former co-worker who lost her life to this horrible dang disease. I also lost a Fishing partner last fall; he fought it with all the Will power he had. I know I couldn't fight as hard as that man.
      I hate to see what it does to one's body; it is flat out nasty.
      I hope and pray results are really good tomorrow.
      Good Luck to you Odaat and everyone else involved with this potential Cancer Changing company.

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      • Odatt,

        I think is was you who first got me to buy this stock when others were trashing it in the $1.60's
        Did not know much about the stock but you musing were enjoyable and entertaining, but filled with knowledge and insight.

        I've bought and sold along the way, made some money, took some profit and helped share the cause (CLSN and the cancer issue) with others.

        We will know shortly what the last word of the last chapter will be, and it would be great to see the word "cure".

        I may not be on your email list, but I consider you and other conscientious longs as friends.


    • always liked your posts and your description of your interaction with dc is as I remember it in the 6 months or so I've been here...never mind what someone insinuates..your posting history speaks for itself
      Nice to see you post tonight

    • odaatthecancerfighter odaatthecancerfighter Jan 30, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

      It's been many many years now, and I have long believed this to be a truly history-making breakthrough in oncology and all drug delivery. Folks, the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and novel companies like Celsion and leading techs like Philips and leading bp's like Pfizer are going to take this model of mediated drug delivery and change the world. In well over a decade, have I EVER wavered in my faith in this technology? Never. Most of us have been here to see CEO Cheung, interim I-held-this-company-together-God-bless-him Tony Deasey, Larry Olanoff, and Mikey. If you would have told me back them you'd see us live to see Prolieve approved, BSX buy it out, Cheung start a Canada company, then Medifocus in the U.S. and then Cheung buy the thing back from BSX, and still be working on the booby-jacuzzi, and that the Celsion liposome's first study results would come out two days before the fricking Balmtimore Ghetto Chickens would be in the superbowl, I would have laughed out loud.

      Yet here we are. :-)

      See Part 3

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      • Now we're rolling! I was angry when Olanoff left. He git a great job as I recall but remember thinking it didn't bode well for CLSN that he left. Little did I know it would be another six years before we got results. No wonder he left.

      • odaatthecancerfighter odaatthecancerfighter Jan 30, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

        Why mention all this? Well, I don't know, it some weird way I grabbed a baton that Tom Genna put down. To say I "believe" this technology will be a total a-bomb on cancer would be an understatement. It is a faith with works, and I have not stopped fighting cancer in creative and powerful ways since first seeing the promise of the iLTSSL. I cannot count the thousands of Odaatious Celsicards handed out around the country, presentations, casual talks, publications in the media, contacts with analysts, doctors, cancer charity groups, you name it, to spread the word that the veritable drug delivery and cancer answer is here, in the tiny form of a fat invented by a materials scientist at Duke, whose Nobel-prize-deserving brilliance was almost lost to this world in a train accident, and co-developed by an animal doctor, inlicensed by a Doctor whose accent would put any scene from Johnny Dangerously to shame, and brought to market by a company who, at their largest ever, had 29 employees.

        I mentioned it because over that time, as naysayers entered and time lingered on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, my faith led me to defend, and the defending became a voice in the desert, and became an Odaat. An Odaat had a single keep the fires of hope in this drug delivery and cancer answer alive during the dark times. I hope I have done that well. But in walking in faith toward the promised land, once there, I'm no longer needed. And we are there. Less than 12 hours away as I type. Now there, an Odaat can retire, and retire I do. Oh, not from the cancer no means. Cancer's goin' down, folks, if it's the last thing we do. I will Relay, I will Celebrate. I will Remember, and I assure, and Odaat will Fight Back until that insidious disease is gone from this earth, instead of our loved ones being gone from this earth.

        See part 4.

    • Good to see a post from you Odaat

    • Roger that...the ones that matter knew where you were Odaat...

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