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  • snowmainiac snowmainiac Jan 31, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Westie, WhatwasI, Odaat, pharma, watson, and a bunch more.. Where did they all go?

    Not rubbing salt but what happened to all the loud voices from before the collapse???????? I couldn't give a #$%$ about all these posts from these latter day cockroaches.

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    • Snow,

      Did you listen to conference call this morning, they were in a daze. These guys truly had believed.

      I personally made a trip to Phily attending the ASM this year to get a feel for these guys. I don't think I missed judging their feelings. I thought I had done some good dd. I think the goal post moved on us. Went from 12 to 14.4 PFS which raised the finish line from 16 to over 19 on the T-Dox Group. I wonder what the T-Dox group actually came in on. Was it close to 16, we will eventually find out.

      I left over a half million on the table today. I put my money where my mouth was. That is the way it is. Not happy about it. If we would have been successful, it would have been a heck of a rocker.

      We are all big boys here.

      True adage “Pigs get rich and hogs get slaughtered” and it applies here.

      The only thing looking back on it, probably should have taken more of the table pre-announcement.

      I blame no one but myself for my loses.

      Best of life to all,


    • kccjfc Jan 31, 2013 2:00 PM Flag


      Not much to say at this point other than we took a good shelacking. Would like to see the data.
      Sounds as though median pfs for tdox was "marginally" longer than control. Tough to put a number on that. Clear it "....did not provide sufficient evidence of clinical effectiveness of ThermoDox® as measured by the trial's primary endpoint".

      What doesn't add up, to me anyhow, is how long it took to get to 380 events. If control performed roughly 20% better, say 14.5 months, vs the 12 months they had designed the trial around, I would think 380 events would have occurred much earlier, like end of 2011.

      It'll be interesting to see the breakdown.

      I was a bit surprised by MT's answers regarding review of the data. There were some pointed questions regarding numbers which MT seemed either hesitant or unwilling to answer. It has been nearly 12 weeks since they announced the 380/unblinding yet it sounds as though there is still alot to look at, which given the trial size, is likely.


      ps- any snow left in the lower/mid sections of Maine?

    • Well - I am a 15+ year long. My average buy in over the years was $4.60. I am as surprised as much by the movement today as anyone. The catalysts seemed to be compelling:
      Shelf registration untouched
      Insiders buying on the open market
      HISUN fronting 5 million
      Phillips and HIFU development
      Yukult partner
      Unanimus DMC decisions
      yada yada yada

      I had every reason to believe that the binary event would be in the other direction. Now I've sold all but 5000 shares at a loss today. I should have reduced my risk and taken my investment off the table. But I was 'over' confident. - My Bad - . It has been a hard learning experience.

      I kept 5000 shares because I feel that there is a chance that a Pharma will pick up the pieces and Phillips is moving forward with HIFU which is highly dependent on TDOX for its success. Liver cancer seems to be a particularly difficult cancer. Maybe another indication would be more successful. My hope is the down the road some cancer patients may be helped by this, or a related, technology.

    • What are the odds of D-cups giving the contest winner the bottle of booze?........

    • You know... I would have respect for any of you guys that stood up and commented now. It is sad with all the posts pre data that you now go to the mattresses.

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