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  • aksibar aksibar Jan 31, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    absolutely catastrophic failure

    Phase III heat trial

    ... i have only lost $2K but still have a bitter feeling about the whole setup

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    • i am down 10K and not sure if I should hold or fold. Any mature thoughts from the investors on this board?

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      • Just sold half of my shares at $1.50 and probably will sell the rest by the end of the day. In the end, WS orchestrates too well in advance for there to be a "dead cat bounce" and yes, I do think we'll get the sub $1.00 here pretty soon. Saw it happen with other stocks recently--even one not too long ago (unrealated industry) that had a partnership with a Chinese Co prior to dropping like a rock. the Chinese Co even bought them out, they got all the shares real cheap--not that that helped the share price any--as I suspect Hisun is doing right now. I also fully agree with the sentiment that the Chinese would be OK with a 20% improvement instead of a 33% improvement as targeted. But we don't even know that because Celsion's CEO wouldn't provide any numbers--which I think is cowardly, given the carnage that's going on here. I'm down about $5K, so it hurt, especially after being up $20k before. Live and learn. I got greedy, and should have known better (and usually do, that's why I'm particularly #$%$ at myself). Best is to stay away from the retail trading anyway-- too may liars at WS and in Co boards/management, and in Washington too for there ever to be a healthy market environment for retail investors anytime soon. Maybe there never really was one, actually. Take care, and I hope you can recoup from your loss sometime soon.

      • This may not be a mature thought but a thought nevertheless. Hsiun is invested in this company and after the failure we saw this morning, I wonder if this may be an opportunity for Hsiun to buyout Celsion at an attractive price, perhaps $4 and up per share. Remember, they do not have to deal with the FDA. The procedure Celsion developed has possibilities and now maybe Hsiun can continue the research without the constraints

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Its got no where to go but down. You may see a 10 cent increase in a day or two, but not worth the risk of this thing going sub 1.

    • "Following this press release, CEO Michael Tardugno, sounding demoralized and melancholy, took to a conference call with his right hand man, VP of Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations Jeff Church. Investors like myself, eager to get more information on how close ThermoDox came to performing well, tuned in."

      "What we got was nothing short of an absolute funeral."

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