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  • cabajepp cabajepp Jan 31, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Support group for crushed longs like me who lost HUGE today

    Although my cost basis was under $2/share I had we'll over 15000 shares and held. My account dropped over $100,000 in seconds. How much did others get crushed and will you continue to hold?

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    • Here is a lesson. Stop reading message board. I just lost 10000000k. See what I did there, anyone can say anything on a forum. And I do mean anything. Some even create multiple accounts and aliases to manipulate the minds of the weak, the greedy, and the uninformed. Walk away NOW, and never enter this message board again.

    • this is like a train wreck and you can't help looking.

    • I had 20k shares at 7.60. Lost bout 100k dollars. Insiders buying and Hisun deal was the go buy for me. Damn. Just wanted to double up so i don't have to worry bout kids college tuition. I've made 100k on ARNA arroval last year..Guess have to start all over again. take care....

    • Well, hopefully it will be a learning lesson to take at least some profit before a major catalyst. Feels crummy when you could have but didn't.

    • I feel sadness for those who lost money. It could easily have been me. I actually had the buy order loaded in my trading platform when it dipped below $7 but just reminded myself that I rarely win when I make spontaneous decisions. I hadn't done the DD myself but saw others on the AMRN board who believed in CLSN and figured I might just trust their DD. Thank God i didn't pull the trigger. I wish you all the best as you work through the disappointment.

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      • get back in there guys. during the 2008/09 crisis, i lost about 800K, taking my portfolio down to 200K total, but now it's at 2.2-2.3 M, by taking very concentrated investments in INHX, ES, YMI, and just recently SNSS. I do my homework - and would not invest in such a concentrated way where big red flags or negative sentiment exists - and i think that's the lesson w/ CLSN

    • I lost $18,450

    • Cabajepp; I held 10K shares with a cost average of around 2.20. I know the Free Shares formula and am not a beginner, but I saw the Golden Ticket and common sense took a vacation. I never took any off the table out of greed, and I didn't hedge with options because I was blindly confident (not unlike CLSN Management). I am not 'ruined' but I sure am humbled and hopefully a bit wiser for it. This loss has certainly changed a few plans I was dreaming of! I am at this point still holding the shares almost out of shock, but I have seen bounces from devastation like this before, and am hopeful that the technology is valuable to another player. It is too early for me to think about picking my self up; this still hurts. But I will, and this thread has been very helpful to read, I thank everyone for sharing.

      Good Luck to us All!

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    • clsamg Feb 1, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

      I had apx 18k shares when it failed. I sold 6k shares before results. I lost net apx $10k and that is not a problem for me. I am sad because the technology was promising. Maybe HCC was not the right indication.

      I also think that CEO cheated longs and Chinese badly. He knew results when he closed Hisun deal . after interim he gave an impression that DMC has recommed second look to data etc.

    • You are kidding?? You owned stock @ $2.00 that runs to $9.00 and in the process of all this happening you don't think to extricate your original amount. You need a lot more than just a support group for people who have lost money. This is going to be in the weeds for a while.

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      • I took a big whack, just under $200K from $8. I too sold 75% of my position above $9 and then talked myself into it again after the Bear raid. All told, I lost $25,000 in capital, the rest were profits. It was too aggressive but I truly believed in CLSN and thought if I was ever going to take a shot, this was the shot. So, suspect I'll feel a bit numb for a week and then snap to. For me, it's not the end of the world but it's not the beginning of a new life, either. That's the tough part, coming to terms with having to put myself in position all over again. Next time, I'll be more conservative.

        I don't regret it, though. It was a conscious decision, the sign all pointed towards success, the technology makes a lot of sense. Don't kick yourselves for believing. There was a lot there to believe in but sometimes, it just doesn't work out. You take hits in life but you also win. On to the winning....

    • I don't have anywhere near the amount of shares most of you are talking about . But I have suffered a long time through the reverse split long long ago .It was down after that under a dollar for some time , In my larger account I had after the split 300 shares . I bought some additional shares in the IRA at around 2$ to bring it to 600 shares . There are 175 shares in another account left from the days prior to the split ..So most of this looked like dead money for years . Just kept holding . When things started looking much better I sprung for another 100 shares to bring the large account to 400 shares @ $7.70 . You would think I'd know better .The the one good thing I did was sell 4 covered Feb 10 calls a few weeks ago . And I had sold some long Jan lower strike calls I also had at a decent profit .It was hard to sell the long calls thinking about all that leverage but I have learned over the years that if you don't move some while you have your chance you may very well be sorry down the road .Best part were the $10 covered which I got $3.00 for when the stock was about $9 .I closed those yesterday at .05 on the open just in case I needed to dump the stock .That $1180 I got on the Feb contracts probably saved my #$%$ from a margin call . It's just too bad I didn't get completely out of the stock at over $ 9 when I had the chance to go at a little better than even . Delusions of grandeur .

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