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  • flogonuzim flogonuzim Feb 12, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    flog here......and won't be back to invest in celsion

    I lost my rear on this freakin' stock. My work friends and two sons did too. All indications looked like it was going to be a success. I'm starting over again with very little to work with. Never again will I hold thru an event like that. Never again will I get emotionally attached to a stock.

    gildslayor......please do not associate me with Dcups. I actually bought in to some of his #$%$.

    I actually had a friend call who I work with to find out how I was because I wasn't answering his text messages. I was so stunned, angry at myself, etc......I have literally not wanted to hear the name Celsion again. The only reason I'm posting here this last time is because of gildslayor accusing me of being Dcups. Westwell, Odaat, Sia etc can attest to the fact I am not Dcups or anyone else on this board.

    I hope others were better investors than me on this pos and did not hold thru the event.

    i wish everyone the best.


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    • It took a long time for me to emotionally detach myself from stocks. I lost THOUSANDS man

    • Mr Flog,
      I was a late arriver and i got caught up in the optimism, contests, up beat cc's, and can't miss models. I sold 2/3 of my position prior to results but still lost alot of money nevertheless. I learned a great deal from this one short lived bio ride. I have a couple of other spec plays and the one I am most excited about is Kerx right now. A great deal of the risk has been eliminated with the recent Zerenex trial results being better than expected and several more catalysts to come. Not pumping, just sharing. Looking back on CLSN and playing Monday morning QB, the "scant" insider purchases troubled me the most, especially when I found out what some of these people were worth...we live and learn..GL, you sound like a good person

    • Flog,

      I feel your pain. I too was stunned as to the enormity of the failure. Would like to hear Dr. Needham's take on the how and why of the failure and specifically why it was not close.
      This was a hard lesson to learn. Still you need a piece of speculation in your portfolio to make investing interesting. Get back up and back into the box. I for one am looking at diagnostic plays such as EXAS and TROV. Also, immunotherapy has tremendous potential and am doing some DD on GALE. If you want to play the housing rebound USG has been good to me. I guess Vegas will have to wait for now. See you at the next board. Hope it's a winner and makes a difference.
      Good luck and don't lose too much sleep over it as it's only money.

      Keep on hitting them straight.

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      • If you want two biotechs w/ broader portfolios (not one drug wonders), try ARRY and/or MACK - both are reasonable small so likely significant appreciation is possible but diversified. If you want to gamble a bit, try SRPT - which has a very good, clearly efficacious clinical candidate - so efficacy is derisked - but it's unclear whether it will get expedited approval.

        Also - do listen to analysts and place limited weight on the seemingly knowledgeable postings on this board. Further - take Adam F into account. He's not always right but it's worth hearing his ramblings.

    • Flog, we were mislead to say the least. As a novice investor, I didn't know they could bring up a second interim, use words like curative, and say things like "its not if but when" without any basis whatsoever. The optimism was over the top on CC's. I didn't know they could legally act as used car salesmen. If I knew that I would have sold all on the run-up, but probably wouldn't have been around for the run-up, as I am generaly conservative and saw the signs (enemic insider purchases, etc.) pre-data. I assumed there to be legal protection that prevented them from overtly misleading shareholders. If the overall was really 15 months, then perhaps the dates they reported were also lies. Then Cowen was another lie. Why did they do these things? All they had to do was be neutral and honest. Surely they were privy to some of the dismal data at interim. I listened to the recent presentations by ZIOP's ceo and boy is there a world of difference in professionalism. I would not be surprised if they withold data and/or don't follow through with the HEAT trial; their interest was never to help mankind, only to pay themselves high salaries. They are simply low-life crooks, who orchestrated an elaborate fraud. I am convinced of this.

      I lost alot of money too, but most of all I lost my dreams and hopes of alleviating suffering in my family. I too held through the event, because it made sense to. I believe you and I did the right thing based on what the company was peddling. I hope they are investigated, and incarcerated where found guilty of any crimes. Today I sold my last share of CLSN.

      See you, mon frere Flog. Best to you always.

    • A tough lesson but the best kind. One you'll never forget.

    • Flog,, take some time, but not to much,, then consider why we stayed with CLSN.. The actions of the BOD, with all their expertise,, and the actions-reactions of the DMC at interim,, then consider what could have happened after interim.. There has to be a reason for that bad smell.. Then consider another LONG-SHOT.. Enough Jan-15 options to get even..

      And if not,, I have enjoyed your banter..

      best wishes,,,

      Sentiment: Hold

    • yeah the failure surprised us all, not only did it not reach the endpoint it did not even "come close"

      Absolutely amazing.

      I lost a bit but oh well, could have been amazing if tiny CLSN had beaten the odds, as we now know we did not LOL

      Would still like to see the PFS #'s of control vs treatment just to see how spectacularly it failed.

    • flog i too lost a boat load (it was a lot, but thankfully i know i will be ok). I too have been in a weird bad, grumpy mood since two weeks ago yesterday. I wont say i was emotionally attached to Celsion, i blame my greed and nothing more. Trying to jump back in to the market, just cannot figure out what stock(s) to chose. I can tell you i will never go all in again like that- i too thought we were holding a full house it looks like we had a king high ;-)
      Good luck to you!

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