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  • pedorando Feb 12, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Any reason to continue holding CLSN?

    First of all, I have been with CLSN for 6 months now; I bought 10000 share at 2.93 last August.
    I know I should have sold it when it was in $9 range. I am going through hell now days. I see neither prosperity nor vision now.

    I am asking everyone who has or had invested in this stock. Do you see any catalyst that will add any value?

    Please don't just give me "STRONG BUY"-kind of reply.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to all of you

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    • Personally, I think the sell-off to $1.13 is/was an extreme overreaction to the failed HEAT study. By comparison, ONTY is at $2 after their failed Phase III and they have similar pipeline and money issues. If the pre-announcement hype hadn't been so great, I don't think the drop-off would have been so drastic. But it doesn't matter what you or I think, it's what the trading community (ie the market) thinks. And it is hammering CLSN management as much as anything. CLSN does have something to offer (if any body cares or wants to listen). The DIGNITY study (Phase II Recurrent Chest Wall Breast Cancer) seems promising based on management feedback. But that brings us back to the primary problem. It's based on management communications and management has NO credibility. If they said the sun is hot, I'd be skeptical and ask for irrefutable proof. That being said, the absolutely critical near term catalyst that will shape the course of the stock for at least the next year is the upcoming quarterly conference call scheduled for March 11. If they give the same evasive, mumbly mouthed, stunned ox presentation and responses they gave during the results announcement, the stock is sub$1 and dead money for the next year. Yes, this CC is that important. However, if they can sound like they have a plan, can cite milestones with some detailed specifics and most of all come clean with what, how and why HEAT failed, they might restore some belief and hope in the concept of Thermodox. On the other hand, if the baby is ugly, just say so and everybody can (and will) move on and not look back. Just my thoughts.

    • I bought 20000 shares for 5 dollars...THANK GOD i put my money in other stocks that are winners otherwise i would be really screwed and probably would of ended up jumping off a bridge. Like you i should of put out when it hit 9 dollars. But since this stock drop down to 1.15 and climbing to 1.48 im still plan on keeping this stock because i dont think its a total bust just yet. i do plan on taking a lost by keeping my shares until it hits 3 dollars. i Would definitely keep this stock until atleast 2 dollars.. What do you got to lose.?. You Lost 2/3 of you money anyways i would try to recover most of it not all of it....

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I took a ten thousand dollar position yesterday close to the low of the day and this is why: CLSN is in very oversold territory when you look at its RSI. The valuation of the stock as a mean target on Yahoo finance is 3.82. As you know the company lost over 85% of its value from its high point at the end of last month to the low point this month. That means anyone who was short selling this made a killing, and sooner or later there will be some heavy buying as they try to cover at the lowest price possible. With 21.7% of the float being short as of the 15th of last month the spike from short sellers covering could be significant. Having said that... there are NO real catalysts for the stock in the long term that I can see, unless their results from the integrity study of thermodox in treatment for breast cancer somehow dazzles, but that is a total gamble. If I had as many shares as you do I probably wouldn't sell here but I would for sure look at getting out in the next week or two. CLSN has the potential to bounce, possibly high enough for you to get your initial investment back if all of your shares were purchased at 2.93, but unfortunately this stock is probably not going to go much higher than that on a bounce, and that is the reason most of us are here... to make money on the bounce... not because we believe this is going to return to the heights it was trading at a few weeks ago. Sorry it's not a great answer, but it is realistic. I hope you can recover some of your losses. Next time though, don't be afraid to take some off the table, especially before a biotech trial. You were up 65,000 at one point. That's more or less free money. You gotta take that when you can. I am a Strong Buy, but only for the Very Short term. Good luck.

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