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  • antoncav antoncav Aug 11, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    I don't get buying a new company

    I am long and very hopeful of Celsion - however, who thinks of buying a new company with only 50 million in cash unless they don't think there primary product is going to be successful. Why are they thinking of this? Is thermodox a loser and they need to go in a different direction, or are they so confident that Hisun will cover this, that they are expanding. Once again, I am long based on the risk reward, but all thought welcome.

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    • Maybe that's why they put a net,net of 75 million share float post reverse split. to get another 25 mil. cash they increase todays float from 61 mil. to say 150 million. that would wreck the share price substantially. and , net,net reverse off 150 mil float to 75 mil float. im guessing that they would have to commence further dilution relatively quickly as it would have to be done in 2 or 3 parts. but they would want net,net to be just around a dollar so they couldn't be worried by delisting. as they so visciously have exploited the capital market since there inception.. jmho

    • I've posted this before, but it should be the other way around: IF the technology really is THAT good, then Celsion itself should be a buyout target!

      IMHO, the "buying another company" is a smokescreen. Nothing more.

    • Well, you don't have to look too hard and you will find other nanotechnology companies...such as BPTH who has a MC of 32M and $0.51 pps. Bio Path is working on a blood cancer technology. Celsion may be interested in BPTH or a number of other nano tech companies that compliment their business model.
      This is just five minutes of investigation. I am sure MT and crew got this under control. They want their business to be successful. If you're a share holder, they want you to make money. There's no guys with associate degrees in Cisco Networking Technology or any other BS degrees hanging around the Celsion office. Everyone is an expert and highly educated.
      There's nothing but flying monkey jokers on beware and do your own DD.

    • I completely agree with you on buying another company. I'm daydreaming here but hopefully they were really shopping around themselves. Hinsun has first dibs on the complete takeover of CLSN. I would think when Hinsun is 100% confident in the Thermodox platform it would only be a matter of time for a few things to happen. 1) They buy a large chunk of Celsion or the definitive agreement would read as such that they would support Celsion through approval and have a certain percentage of sales. Hopefully it would look just like any Big Pharma who partners with a small biotech and eventually buys them out. 2) If there is a complementary company out there, Celsion would consult with Hinsun to make sure the purchase fits both of their future plans in oncology and their partnership. 3) Hinsun sees the value of Thermodox over the next year and just writes a billion dollar check for the whole platform. This would put the buyout in the high teens or low twenties per share.
      On a different note, which I find very encouraging is on the conference call Mike talked about getting a clinical path forward for trials related to Pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is another tough one to fight. IF these companies are still interested in Celsion and the Thermodox platform it will be just a matter of time before the stock price of 1.24 is going to be the one that got away again for many people. I have put my time line for extreme price valuation increase out as far as mid 2015 and if I can keep accumulating cheap shares until then I believe rewards would be incredible. As much or more than if the heat study was a success because we still have the dignity trials and the pancreatic cancer trials are huge if successful.

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