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  • celsion_truth celsion_truth Aug 16, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha "article", a lot of Hokum and nonsense. Very little TRUTH.

    What? Nonsense. 6-7 years for another phase 3 trial? Pure nonsense. A confirmatory study beginning in Q1 2014 could be over in 12 months. It's a "confirmatory study" on a small group, sub-group, of patients, NOT a 700 patient phase 3 trial, which by the way took less than 4 years.

    Secondly, DATA STILL SUPPORTS the original company statements that RFA of 45 minutes or longer are needed to show "significant improvement". The spin SA just put on the comments from the last conference call is just that, SPIN.

    Lastly, CHINA can (and most likely will) APPROVE Thermodox WITHOUT a "confirmatory study". They do NOT abide by USA FDA rules, they make their own rules. China has HALF the worlds HCC cases. HALF. They have NO standard of care. They want Thermodox. It's a multi billion dollar drug for HISUN, a Chinese manufacturer, to treat Chinese people. The government will do whatever it takes to get Thermodox. It's win win for them. Hisun produces it and Chinese people uses it, it all stay in China.

    Oh, and of course THERMODOX WORKS, as has been proven, when given CORRECTLY with the proper amount of RFA. No one is denying that.

    Seeking Alpha "articles" are not unbiased research pieces. SA is a BLOG, and ANYONE can post an "article" there. It is heavily used by short sellers to discredit companies and managements, and to cast doubt on any stock that are shorted and are resisting going down.

    P.S. Today is options expiry, so I am sure there is ALOT of money for someone to make if CLSN closes below the $1 mark today....lot's of options will expire worthless. there is the reason for the timing of this SA "article".

    BUYING into this dip will look very cheap next week. IMHO.

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