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  • loual49 loual49 Dec 29, 2000 12:33 PM Flag


    I think they painted as bleak a picture
    possible. One BIG reason for this is to avoid suits. While
    they mentioned compitition they
    did not say if we
    are ahead of them.
    There was no rah rah involved
    and I take that
    as a good sign.
    Just one man's

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    • Hi all, first Happy New Year,
      it is gonna do
      its own thing

      am not very good on patents but
      i have talked to
      Celsion several times, and have been assured that they
      are solid.
      Dr. Fenn has been down this road before
      i am assured.
      beyond that, one of our memebers
      on Raging Bull
      ye3365 (i think) early in the game
      on RB provided extensive analysis for us on the
      patent stuff.. try around posts 60 or so.
      of course
      they are posted on the unofficial
      Celsion DD

      this is something Tim Sullivan and i set up last year,
      but i havent talked to him in some time..(better do years resolution..)

      not a gonna
      comment on bsmd..been there done that more times than i
      can count..suffice to say there is a difference
      between phased array and adaptive phased

      on Sec filing 12.28..
      Lou, i think essentially
      your correct. the filings of most stocks in this
      stage, are pretty boilerplate, to cover any and all
      possible contingencies to include but not limited to, the
      sky is falling.

      here is one item from the
      i can forsee another horse race again for
      funding..8 million to spend this year, and 8+
      million in
      the bank.
      tis my hope that by the end of the year
      we can be to market, or close enough that the stock
      price will reflect its value.
      goodness only knows
      what else is up their sleeve, but i do believe that
      down the road the liposome of duke will be the vein of
      gold. to reach that i assume from their filings that we
      will partner with the drug firms..
      this is a long
      way to play out, but it would not surprise me at all
      if they have not had/or
      will make preliminary
      coffee and teas with such companies.

      hang on i think..twill be a couple of years
      these danged things always take twice as long as



      ****We currently plan to expend approximately $8.0
      in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2001, and
      currently have available a total of approximately $8.8
      million for that purpose.
      It is our current intention
      both to increase the pace of development work on our
      present products and to make a significant
      to thermosensitive liposome and gene therapy
      research and development projects. The increase in the
      scope of
      present development work and the commitment
      to these new projects will require additional
      external funding, at least until we
      are able to begin
      marketing our products.