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  • jbhdallas2000 jbhdallas2000 Dec 15, 2006 12:31 AM Flag

    Careful Guys... No Place to go but Down...SELL NOW!!!

    The delisting is bad news for all stockholders... Sell Now at $.92 and repurchase when It hits $.01. Don't get caught in this trap!!!

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    • Don't worry; JBHDallas2000 is just another in a long line of idiots.

      All a stock market is a meeting place to trade shares. Just because the NYSE does not want SunCom to play in their sandbox, has no correlation to the value of the company.

      The NYSE's business model is quickly becoming obsolete. Why do you think they bought that small competing virtual marketplace?

      The NYSE went public this year. There is only one good reason for this. They're all cashing out to the clueless public before competion harms their quazi-monopoly.

    • What trap are you talking about? Hell, chump change or a vegas weekend is worth the potential upside. I can safely lose all that I have put in and think nothing of it. However, the upside of a buyout will in turn afford me a nice gain. You're not a big fish in a small pond are you? The case for a TM/DT buyout is strong. What is so hard to understand? I watched as our largest customer Western Wireless was bought for around 6B with less than a million subs. In the end who really cares. TM wants and needs subs in order to compete. The only question is who, when, and in what order. Will it be RCCC then TPC followed by DCEL or some other combination of the same? Does anyone remember the rapid consolidation that created VZN? They were another customer of ours BTW.

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