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  • cometfinder cometfinder Jan 15, 2008 3:20 PM Flag

    Weak Consumer spending

    Actually DFZ may be the company to own in this environment. Slippers are an inexpensive gift, so those sales should not be hurt as much as other footwear items. Then DFZ is launching clogs, Terrasoles, and canvas shoes all which are incremental to the ongoing business. What's not to like?
    Now, where are those earnings, so I'm not proved wrong?

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    • I don't wanna be proven wrong either. I sent out my projections based on nothing more than management's word! At this price we are better off than most companies...if we actually execute in this environment then this stock is a beast.

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      • I'm rather baffled that you based your projection of 80 cents/share earnings for Q2 "on nothing more than management's word." Nothing that I have heard from management has given me any reason to believe that earnings will be so high for Q2. If anything, management's comments suggest to me that Q2 earnings may be lower than last year, due to the new arrangement with one of DFZ's large customers in which sales and earnings will shift to different quarters this fiscal year. This is not a good or bad thing, just different from past seasonal sales/earnings patterns.