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  • stock2020com stock2020com May 18, 2006 9:50 AM Flag

    SVA should have bottomed out

    While the next 3 to 5 months could be very challenging for the US market, I expect that oversea markets, especially China will hold up well.
    I also expect better news for SVA investors.
    I am starting up a VC company, and we may pick up some SVA shares.
    Best wishes

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    • If the management of SVA would study other Chinese companies, such as AOB, and learn from their example of more timely reporting of revenues- the share price would improve dramatically.

      Factored into the current price of SVA (below $4.00/shr.)- institutional investor apathy, based on a complete lack of transparency for Western

      The policy of Graham Taylor, of Technique Capital- the former IR firm consisting of himself and a part-time secretary/receptionist-
      was to pump SNYBF.OB (Sinovac Biotech Co. Ltd)
      with promissory news releases, then to allow the company's PPS to implode, through the short interest positions taken by Mr. Derek Liu and the sales of Ms. Lily Wang, as well through the loaning of shares by the Wangs for short positioning in SVA....

      What hasn't yet occurred is the simple task of revising the thinking of SVA's senior management, so that they report revenue in a timely manner...

      Yet with all that, the current price is unreasonably low. It will rise, and unfortunately, it will fall again, because management has not been able to place personnel competency over familial connections.

      This is a $4.00-$4.25 stock.
      With a revision in internal corporate policies- it's a $10.00 stock.
      I believe this MAY happen, although I am far from convinved that it will certainly happen.
      Because of that possiblity of improvement in
      corporate policy, I hold a residual position in SVA, made up of shares bought this time last year in the low 2's, as well as shares bought
      in 2006 in the 4's.
      I've also sold share on three occasions- each time, into a price surge (Dec. 2005, October 2005, and earlier this Spring).

      Most of what I could find posted on this message board (I use the Ignore feature) is written by persons of whom I wouldn't ask the time of day. In the real world- I don't visit the places they frequent.
      If writing here is how they chose to waste their lives- that's their affair.
      SVA is one of about 18 individual equity positions I currently hold. I think it represents somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3% of capital assets.
      It is a flawed company, and currently, one which is about 15-25% undervalued short-term.

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