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  • diebashers diebashers Sep 1, 2009 5:14 PM Flag

    SVA product 30 percent cheaper than its competitors !!!!

    Pharmaceutical, receiving the influenza pandemic
    Business - Tuesday 1 September (16:00 hrs.)

    Antivirals them are paying off huge sums of money
    Over 200 million doses of Tamiflu have been ordered by 85 countries, since April

    El Financiero en línea
    Paris, Sept. 1 .- The drug companies are by far the biggest beneficiaries of pandemic human influenza antivirals as vast sums they are paying off, at least until vaccines are ready for commercialization.

    Since last April, when he showed the H1N1 virus, governments have released massive funds to protect their populations with antiviral drugs, since they are the only effective treatment, reported a special report of the French daily Le Monde.

    Just last week, Spain said it would invest 333 million euros (473 million) to fight human influenza, as France put its plan in billion euros (1.4 billion dollars) between vaccines and antivirals.

    The British laboratory GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Sanofi Pasteur, the French and Swiss Novartis and Roche "appear, for now, as the main beneficiaries of the antiviral pandemic," said analyst Jean-Jacques Le Fur, society Bourse Oddo .

    Over 200 million doses of Tamiflu have been ordered by 85 countries since April, "the sale of the drug increased 12-fold over the same period of 2008," said Thierry Verrecchia, an analyst at Raymond James Investment Partnership Euro Equities .

    Although Roche has a patent on the antiviral-has discounts on sales to governments, the profitability of Tamiflu remains comfortable. "Their gross margin is 40 percent, while the vaccine against influenza A was close to 15 percent."

    Under such conditions, it expects sales of the antiviral should generate a turnover of over 1.3 billion euros (1.8 billion dollars) in 2009, ie 4.2 percent of sales from Roche.

    However, this success has had a limited impact on the accounts of the Swiss group, because it must pay a portion of the benefits of Tamiflu to U.S. Gilead, discoverer of the molecule.

    With respect to sales of the antiviral Relenza, the impact of GSK's accounts will be further diluted, as this drug had been virtually abandoned and just started its commercial release.

    Now, for the pandemic vaccine manufacturers "is not a very good business," said Le Monde. "The creation of a vaccine in such a short time is a more difficult task, much less profitable to produce-antivirals," he said.

    Since the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, more than one billion doses of vaccine have been ordered by the northern hemisphere by about 10 million, but the competition between producers weigh on margins.

    The laboratory Sinovac China, one of the few to develop a treatment for human influenza in a single injection, announced that its product would be 30 percent cheaper than its competitors. (Con información de Notimex / MCH)

    translated version from bottom link

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