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  • bdplayer bdplayer Dec 4, 2009 10:41 AM Flag

    SVA upsides depending on two questions

    SVA stock price has no major movements for the for the last few days. It is because of investors lack of desire to pour more money into this compnay.

    The management has not answered two of the most important questions yet (1) what is the price for HINI vaccines they are selling to Chinese govt.?(2) will the Chineses govt. let SVA sell HINI vaccines overseas before they get what they need?

    The true revenue and profit picture will come out if we can find out the answers of these two questions and investors will feel better to buy more. Lack of trust in SVA management is actually the gating factor, IMO.

    I am 30K share long and will hold 'til next ER.


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    • I think the price per dose sold to gov was around US$3-4, according to a chinese report somebody posted several days ago. What people really worry about is when the gov is going to pay for it. If this is US, SVA can just book the revenue as account receivable and count it as profit.

      This is a company honest in its accounting, at least for the H1N1 sale.

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      • The article which I read said 23 Yuan, which converted to $3.3665 when I ran it.

        Accounts receivable is valid accounting. It means that I have shipped your order and billed you but have not received your payment. The government takes a month or two to pay just like everybody else, whatever the terms.

        Analysts worry about AR sometimes because rising receivables can indicate a possible cash flow problem, or it might mean demand is slowing for whatever reason.

        In my opinion, we do not have anything to worry about with SVA in regard to AR.



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