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  • gtfl32127 gtfl32127 May 14, 2010 4:01 PM Flag

    anyone out there can explain?thought so

    rev est 2010 are 60-67million 2009 rev was 84 million why the drop? sva has great production capability , they have mumps vac , flu etc ... sells to mexico china japan why the rev drop ? cant answer it can you that why I double my money last year on sva and will again at 3.75 range in 4-6 weeks.while youll be trying to break even

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    • How many times do you need to explained to, you RETARD? Stop lying!!!! I dare you to post links to support your false statements, you moron!!!

      Excerpts from SVA's Apr 2010, conference call. READ!!

      "Now, let me elaborate on our full-year 2010 guidance that we provided in today’s press release. For the full-year 2010, we expect sales of our non-H1N1 vaccines to increase by approximately 10% to 20%, compared to $54.5 million of non-H1N1 sales revenue in 2009. These translate into 2010 sales from our non-H1N1 vaccine in the range of about $59.9 million to $65.4 million [ph]. We expect the remaining of 2.15 million doses of H1N1 vaccine will be delivered in 2010. And the revenue of this amount will be recognized in this year. And our stockpile amount of 8.74 million doses will be produced and stored in the company’s warehouse and the revenue of this amount will be recognized in the year of 2011 unless the government require us to deliver the product prior to that time. And the revenue of H1N1 vaccine, which could be recognized in the year are about 7.1 million [ph]. Therefore we expect total revenue for 2010 to be in the range of $67.1 million to $72.5 million.

      Our 2010 guidance does not include additional orders for H1N1 vaccine. And based on our current projections, we expect to realize total capital expenditures of approximately $80 million over the next three years to foreign expansion initiatives that I have outlined earlier."

      Pay attention to the last sentence: we expect to realize the $80M inv over next 3 years to foreign expansion initiatives!!!!!!!

      People are lying and scaring you, when they say that SVA revised the estimates down by 30%. Revising estimates from $67M-$72M to $62M-$67M is NOT 30%, but by 8%. What a manipulation of truths and facts!!! Do your own math and don't fall for some of the morons' scare tactics!!!

      Why did they revise it down? Two reasons.

      1. 2010 H1N1 vac sales will be less compared to 2009, which is understandable.
      2. False, unfounded rumors spread about vaccine storage facilities that were completely unrelated to SVA, slowed down the sales during 1Q2010. Chinese Govt already investigated this and found the rumors to be baseless. Unlike in USA, any company founder doing fradulent things with people's health will be sent to the gallows without mercy!!

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