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  • rickcasey67 rickcasey67 Mar 2, 2006 9:56 PM Flag


    Hey Doc,

    Do you have any stocks in your portfolio that have similar growth rates as Parlux and selling at a reasonable price earnings ratio?Thanks.

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    • Hi Rick

      I have found over the years that the best opportunities would not have been "discovered" if you threw out candidates with low pe's. Just so happens that PARL has a low pe.

      I have a VERY complicated system that requires stocks to jump through hoops etc to get on and stay on my watch list. Too many rules, disciplines, and instinctual? factors to list.

      My list of longs at the moment: ( other than PARL, of course, which, again, I believe I will reevaluate around 60, although I still see it going to the 90 area at the moment).
      BNT- I believe that from these levels, we will visit the 30 area this year, at which point I'll reevalute.
      VPHM- Have been accumulating and still find it a SAFE buy under 21. This is a no brainer, and will be in 30's this year, possibly 40's. The only negative, Cramer jumped on board this week. LOL. Although it's nice to have your long position in before him.
      COGO- This is an interesting China type high growth play. I have been accumulating in the 9-10 area recently and feel that we are heading to 18 20 this year, where I'll do the revauation bit.

      Hope this gives a few ideas to check out and do your own dd. I'll actually be gone until 3/8, it's Vegas time.