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  • ssam ssam Jan 30, 1999 4:07 PM Flag

    CNBC prediction

    It appear to me the company is desperate for cash
    now. Sounds like they are even going to get rid of
    profit asset just to get by with cash. I agree that they
    will nto go secondary offer since it will rasie the
    market awareness. They easy thing to do is to
    out some "seem" good news, then get rid of treasury
    Selling perfume over internet is not new stuff, and many
    of the
    same size company already has the
    operation. I remember sometime ago they rwite off big due to
    development fee and low traffic of purchasing volume. SO The
    Key is the volume.....and the ppole who view the

    IMHO, I think when the GE loan is due, we will see much
    bigger trouble ahead. I am going to get out , all of my
    when i can cut off my loss.

    This stock is god
    and this company management is crook. I
    several hundred $$$ and several years of capital
    appreciation opportunity just to reach this

    Sell, Selll and selllll on monday!!!!!!!!!