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  • ssam ssam Jan 31, 1999 3:06 PM Flag

    CNBC prediction

    Don't mean to be caught on this, but there is no
    way of tracking the treasury stock unless company
    release itself. And no organization will enforce they
    company to buy back after the announced "intention" of
    buy back.....
    Over all, I come to conclusion that
    there is no fundmental change on this compnay and i
    would like to cut the lost at minimium level, since the
    stock is above 2 now.
    I have followed them for long
    and know that the stock will drop after enarning
    release.... big time.
    Anyway, why aren't they get the
    quarter number out? do they have trouble with auditor
    again???? This is become my real concern now. Remember, the
    company sell 45% of their product to one customer, and
    book it as a sales and enter as profit... the reality
    is: the profit will not be realized until Account
    Receivable get's paid.. and this is where the problem come
    we all know why the wrigth off happened and
    why don't know they do this again.... the real catch
    is: these two company has been used by management to
    manupulate market and to rasie cash for their own purpose.
    When shareholder lost big, they can have nice mension
    in FL whicjh no one can claim no matter what....

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    • ...that the management sure has screwed
      shareholders (and debenture holders) in the past to raise
      cash. Just means that they're good at it. Nows the time
      that they're gonna do it again, you just half to get
      out when the time is right.
      Receivables, I agree,
      are a big problem, but as long as they remain
      constant, the current earnings will be real, it's just the
      book value that is questionable. And anyway it's more
      of PRFM's problem than PARL's ( better to be owed
      money than to owe it). Anyway with PRFM stock price
      flying, they'll find a way to pay PARL (maybe with stock
      or warrants or merger).
      As for intention of
      buyback, it's true you can't track it, but previous
      buybacks have been done, so their record is pretty good on
      that (from 18 million shares down to 14.5 million
      The quarter number should be out soon, probably next
      week, nothing strange about the date.