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  • moneycruncher moneycruncher Jun 6, 2012 11:40 PM Flag

    The Reason She is Leaving

    Many companies, go through changes in leadership. In this scenario and its my opinion. Two things played out
    1. There was too much head butting between leadership and ??? direction. I feel some of the chemists wanted to change some formulations and expidiate the process and take ACHN in a faster more potent direction. Some may have been slowing down the company and may have just had to much infighting. Where anothers way and thoughts showed that their way was the best way..

    2. Many times in a buyout situation, people know they are being bought out and have been offered new jobs with other companies. or sought out jobs that were offered to them before, in which they say hey remember that job you offered me, well i am available on such and such date.
    I figure she will retain her shares, go away quietly and start with a new firm, or maybe even the buyout firm. So they are just filling her position. If you payed attention, they don't seem too serious as to filling her position or looking else where for some top candidate from some other firm. They just moved up one person, to cover hers and said certain board members with experience would help out. Think about this people, this is real certian BUYOUT CHATTER GOING ON. They never ever would have released a news wire, without thinking about the stock imploding and loseing more value and they would look like total idiots to major Big Pharmas as a company that cannot get things done right. All that does is erode Market value and buyout price will just become lower and lower, because the share price is being destroyed. Thus all company members shares would be significantly reduced. What would be the purpose of that. This just makes no sense to me. If this was the case and they knew the stock price was going to take a major hit on this news, they would have sold their own shares back then and I mean all of them at 12 bucks, not let it get killed and raped down to its current 6 dollar per share price. They are all holding tight onto their shares, because major stuff is happening behind the scenes. This lady is intelligent, she knows what is going on, she was spectacular in interviews and I know she has a great background and education. Lets see what plays out in the next few weeks, I say a Major Buyout and sorry about my price but it makes more sense to me about ACHN 's valuation and it won't be twenty bucks or more anymore, it will be unfortunately around 14-18 bucks now. They won't get more than 100% anymore at current stock prices

    Look back and think about this also, there may have been some problems with the way the last news was handled on results. Everyone expected spectacular results, But Gilead came out and said look we get it done in 6 months and then some--ACHN came out and said, look we get it done in about 12 months tops. I think that there was a major battle about why that happened, and I think one scientist said look this is why it happened, If we did it this way like I said, we would have not had the results come out the way they did if we did it my way they would have had virus death at 5-7 months not the 12. Which by the way were still spectacular. So this could have resulted in fighting and a new direction was chosen.Or like I said a major buyout is right around the corner. Some big news firm needs to -right away do a major Interview with Michael Kickboxerbausk. Let get some answers now--

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    • This was what Thomas Russo commented on Liz resignation and it makes sense:

      'THE ANALYSIS: Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst Thomas Russo said Thursday that he was not surprised by Olek's departure.

      "Our interpretation is that this was the company's choice," he said, adding that the fallout from the way the ACH-1625 data was released in April was the main cause — in his opinion, the information was not "optimally communicated." Russo said he is confident in Despande's abilities, and Olek's resignation does not change his outlook for Achillion or his positive view on ACH-1625.

      SHARE ACTION: Shares of Achillion Pharmaceuticals lost 31 cents, or 4.8 percent to $6.16 in late afternoon trading.

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      • Analysts are scum of the earth and for this reason their opinions dont really matter much to me. I honestly have more faith and trust in a few good folks that contribute in Achn's message board over any analyst. Achn has a good product and strong pipeline but its just not enough for the company to succeed. The CEO has to make smart decisions or else he will single handly destroy the company. Ive seen my share of CEO's destroy companies no matter that their company boasted a strong pipeline and several FDA approvals. A CEO with a big ego that has a knack for making poor descisions spells disaster. I'm hoping thats not the case with ACHN othewise this company is doomed. Time will tell.

    • Look at the credentials of her replacement! looks positive to me!

    • If you look up "desperate" in an on-line dictionary you'll find a link to this guy's post.

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