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  • myprimitivesistas myprimitivesistas Feb 12, 2013 6:24 AM Flag

    Continuation to last post


    Abbott doesnt need ACHN, Gilead certainly doesn't need them now (maybe a year ago - but not now; they went with someone else), and BMS has takeover fatigue. Actually, ACHN has its own idea who they want to partner with and I know who that is, and so do you if you have been reading my posts.
    Just understand ONE THING - ACHN WILL NOT BE TAKEN OVER! It will give itself to IDENIX and move forward. I think with that in mind, once the news of this is released - that IDENIX (IDIX) could be the better purchase right now. I could even see ACHN stock dropping a little due to the "TakeOut" being "Off-The-Table" - You will see, but I appreciate your perspective!!!!!!

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    • "ACHN will give itself to IDIX"......hello ????????? anyone home ? IDIX can afford to pay ???? MEDICATION TIME !!! Hysterical..........!

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      • Old analyst quote still holds true:

        "Even Gilead could seek to acquire Achillion as a way to remove a potential competitor and bolster its position, said Peter Kolchinsky, co-founder and general partner at RA Capital Management LLC, which oversees $300 million, including Achillion shares.
        “Gilead could solidify its supremacy if it had Achillion’s drugs, each best in its respective class based on what we know so far,” Kolchinsky said in an interview.

        Acquiring Achillion would also be a wise defensive move for Gilead, keeping it from falling into a competitor’s hands or from becoming an independent low-cost competitor.”

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    • Idenix is a money losing company that has worked hard yet created drug failures. Achillion will not partner with them. As to Achillion being bought, out look at the biotech history. Some competitors buy one another to eliminate competition. Achillion will be bought out. And it will take place for multiple reasons - have the portfolio, ensure keeping/controlling market share, prevent competition and lower prices, etc.

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    • you crazy.

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