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  • malph_ralph Jun 18, 2014 5:19 PM Flag

    Major owner (Qvt ) of Achillion Pharmaceuticals just disposed of 1,819,551 shares.

    who said institutions were buying up? they are bailing too. there was another big seller today too, this has the feeling its being propped up or done in dark pools so that it doesnt cause the price to plunge. thats how the big boys do it - they get out quietly and you don't find out til next quarter filings. so tell me, which institution would be selling if a buyout was realistic? you don't think as a major owner they might know something? maybe even dilution coming

    "Associates Gp Qvt, a major owner of Achillion Pharmaceuticals, recently disposed of 1,819,551 shares of the company. The disposals took place at prices ranging from $7.57 to $7.85 per share, on June 16, 2014. Qvt still owns 8,868,753 shares of the company. Qvt operates out of New York, NY."

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    • malph - looks like you're learning a few short tricks - post this once on a different thread, then again on yet another thread, and then what the heck, put it right up there as a TOPIC this time to see if you can shake the whole tree! I'm just grateful that you didn't understand how ridiculous you look by posting the last part of the Reuters quote: Qvt still owns 8,868,753 shares of the company.." So you think Qvt knows something? Big dilution coming? Imminent failure? Sure thing, Malph. THAT'S WHY THEY BOTHERED TO KEEP 83% OF THEIR STOCK AND SELL OFF 17%, BECAUSE THEY THINK THIS COMPANY IS A LOSER! I'm not going to get personal or anything like that and call you a moron, but, just the same, do you know how moronic that sounds? What about, hmmmm, let's see....maybe, just maybe, they made a 200% profit from $2.50- $7.70 so they trimmed their position a little to take a little profit (14 mill) off the table, WHILE THEY DECIDED TO CONTINUE TO HOLD $68 MILLION LONG? YEAH YOU BETCHA, THAT REALLY SHOWS THEY'VE LOST FAITH IN THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE. That little sale probably retrieved a third of their cost basis in this stock. That move is a risk mitigator. They'll probably throw that $14 mill into Shire, since it's about to be acquired by Allergan. Or something. But they are keeping $68 million in the hunt on this one, expecting to make over $200 million on it!

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      • malph_ralph Jun 18, 2014 7:24 PM Flag

        clutching at straws now young man. if they thought this was going to that ridiculous $22 PT you think they would bail now? you think all the insiders would too? this is just the beginning of QVT's dump maybe too. maybe other tutes are doing the same. this was ACHN's second largest owner bailing one day after all the insiders dumped everything too. you don't think they had a chat first?
        you must be sitting on some nice profits from the run up but why on earth would u be holding the stock when all those in the know are exiting? its an honest question. what do u think u know that the directors and huge institutional ownership don't?
        if there was something real in the drugs or the chance of a buyout they would be ADDING not SELLING, you're a sensible chap you know that is true
        this is indefensible

    • malph_ralph Jun 18, 2014 5:36 PM Flag

      just checked, it was QVT's biggest holding also, even more concerning

    • Yup .. you're right ... QVT disposed of 1.82 million shares on June 18 ... I just saw the SEC filing ... may see some downside tomorrow ... who knows?

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