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  • DaBreeze21 DaBreeze21 Apr 25, 2007 3:11 PM Flag

    Best tech in the auto industry that no one wants

    No one on Wall Street is buying the stock!!! I would bet that 95% of the 400 or so shareholders are from this area. The stock is so artifically inflated right now it could EASILY drop a couple of bucks in the blink of an eye. You should be grateful it has maintained this price so long...the couple of market makers manipulating the price of the stock must be sleeping. They have NO revenue (I thought NASA was paying and so was that expensive car manufacturer? - nothing reported through March, eh?)...the value is all in the patents, but if no one wants to buy soon other technology will come out and someone will sell it for cheaper and BYEBYE TORVEC!!!

    Has anyone read about the new hybrids they are developing that use hydraulics and not batteries to store energy from the brakes? They are about 2X as efficient as the current hybrids and cheaper. This stuff is going to keep coming out and TORVEC will have less bargaining power as time goes on. Someone fire Jim!!!!

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