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  • imahubber imahubber Apr 9, 2008 10:03 PM Flag

    Do we really have........

    the better mousetrap? someone please prove too me that we do. I hear the spin that we do. I still own this soley because i am told we do, but please someone offer me proof positive that we do. Serious doubts now. The Dodge Ram results were not what was said, the EPS said BIG DEAL, not interested, and then mgmt dismissed the EPA as being wrong. That was years ago now.. Supposedly we have many serious buyers with a vengeance, but not a one has chosen to deal. I know Dino won't answer, but hey MICKEY, please offer proof. Is it possible that these accolades by some only say things as respect for Vernon's obvious genious?

    And why does someone worry so much about Deferred Revenue and 4th Qtr results is beyond comprehension.

    I may be wrong but wasn't there some sort of contract with Ford back in 1999???

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